Sydel Curry-Lee announces release of new “Domaine Curry” wines later this month

Sydel Curry-Lee and Ayesha Curry announce new "Domaine Curry" wine releasing later this month
Sydel Curry-Lee and Ayesha Curry announce release of new "Domaine Curry" wine later this month

The wife of 2022 NBA champion Damion Lee, Sydel Curry-Lee, has collaborated with Ayesha Curry for their wine brand called "Domaine Curry." It was first established in 2018 and was acquired by Constellations Brands, as per an Essence article by Jasmine Browley.

Interestingly, Sydel Curry-Lee and Ayesha Curry recently announced that new wine products will be released on Nov. 13th. The two new wines are the "2021 Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Founders Blend." Both will be available for online purchase on their website and sold on a first come first serve basis to subscribers on the site's mailing list.

Sydel and Ayesha have uploaded videos online via their Instagram accounts to celebrate the two new wine products that will be released later this month.

Damion Lee's wife talked about the work put into the two wines and the foundation behind the creation involved, as per the same Essence article.

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"We worked on this for a very long time -- this is an ode to the powerful women in our lives," Curry-Lee said, "We also wanted to do this because our family is well-known for the men. We aimed to have something that was a legacy-maker for the women that we could pass down to our daughters, our nieces."

Ayesha Curry talks about the constant growth of "Domaine Curry" alongside Sydel Curry-Lee

As the wives of NBA players, Ayesha Curry and Sydel Curry-Lee found it challenging to make a name for themselves. This was their primary motivation for establishing "Domaine Curry" and signifies what both wives have been through with each new wine release.

In the same Essence piece, four-time champion Stephen Curry's wife talked about how she is still learning alongside Sydel Curry-Lee in their journey with their collaborative wine brand.

"We're still learning," Curry said, "One thing is for sure - we know what we like to drink, but we're still learning. We go through these blending sessions, and they are informative because we walk out with a new lust for the wine industry, and we know we're meant to be there."
"However, we've taken to constantly educating ourselves," Curry added, "We're also people that ask questions when we don't know something. We're not going to play it off like we do."

Additionally, Ayesha Curry is taking classes to perfect her craft with the wine company and to expand her knowledge as well.

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