“That’s the death lineup on steroids” - NBA analyst believes Ben Simmons playing center for the Nets would be incredible, says Ben Simmons is one of the great mysteries of the NBA

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons

Many are anticipating Ben Simmons' first game with the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN's senior NBA writer Brian Windhorst thinks they could be outstanding with Simmons in the lineup.

Simmons was traded to the Nets at the Feb. 10 trade deadline and has not yet played his first game Brooklyn. With the All-Star guard playing alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Nets could be one of the most dreaded teams.

Now they seemingly have a chance to finally play together next season. In a Tuesday statement from general manager Sean Marks, Durant has agreed to continue with the organization.

On the "Dan Patrick Show," Windhorst said:

"Ben Simmons is one of the great mysteries in the entire NBA. You can tell me that Ben Simmons is gonna get them nothing this year, and I would say that's possible.
"You could also tell me that they're gonna deploy a lineup with Ben Simmons playing center, Joe Harris and Seth Curry playing shooting positions with Kyrie and Durant, and ... you talk about the death lineup the Warriors used to run, that's the death lineup on steroids. That would be incredible.
"I'm not saying they're going to play 30 minutes a game, that would be incredible. I don't know whether Ben Simmons can manage it, but there's all of a sudden a whole bunch of different things this team can do that has me thinking about them in basketball terms instead of, 'What's gonna happen with their star players?'"

Windhorst said their potential starting lineup, with Simmons at center, could be one of the most potent in that league.


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Can the Brooklyn Nets win the 2023 title with Ben Simmons?

Patty Mills, left, and Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets
Patty Mills, left, and Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets

Winning the 2023 title is a big deal for every member of the organization. A championship would be the Nets' first in NBA history.

For Durant, it would be an opportunity to prove that he can win away from the Golden State Warriors. In 2017 and 2018, the four-time scoring champ led the Warriors to two titles over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Quality is available in Durant and Irving. Although they have failed to bring it all together in the past, Simmons' presence might be the difference.

However, some fans would not hold their breath following his 2021 display in the Eastern Conference semifinals. He was trolled throughout that summer for passing up an open dunk out of fear of being sent to the free-throw line.

Last season, the Nets were swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics. While many believe Simmons will bring a different dynamic to the team, it remains to be seen.

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