"That’s the dumbest f**king s**t I’ve ever heard someone say to me" - Stephen A. Smith lashes out at viewer calling him out for reportedly insensitive comments on Kyrie Irving and other community issues

Stephen A. Smith in attendance at a BIG3 game
Stephen A. Smith in attendance at a BIG3 game

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN's premier sports media personality, has a history of dividing opinions on topics related to sports. Smith made his way up the ladderby being a box office attraction with his takes.

However, it is rare to see Stephen A. Smith lose his composure on social media. Recently, after being extremely vocal about Kyrie Irving and his vaccination stance and also Irving's previous unavailability for the Brooklyn Nets, Smith seemed to lose his cool on Twitter.

Smith took to Twitter to reply to a tweet that essentially called him out for being tone deaf to certain communities. Smith wrote back:

"That’s the dumbest F$&@ing shit I’ve ever heard someone say to me. I AM from the hood, bro! I’m not some damn outsider who needs to be informed. I’m ONE Of US! I just don’t agree with your silly ass. GTFU!!!"

Smith felt the need to make his displeasure known about comments regarding what he said about Kyrie Irving.

Stephen A. Smith and his issues with Kyrie Irving

Stephen A. Smith watching the Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors
Stephen A. Smith watching the Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

Smith has been accused of a lot of things, but inconsistency is not one of those. On his ESPN show, "First Take," Smith has consistently pointed out things that have been largely either ignored or forgotten about in NBA circles. One such casualty of Smith's is Kyrie Irving.

Irving and his unavailability for the Brooklyn Nets has incurred the wrath of Smith on multiple occasions this season, so much so that he even called for Irving to be cut from the Brooklyn roster.

"I actually hope Kyrie Irving gets cut," Smith said. "I mean, this is a disgrace."

This is an example of Smith's comments regarding Irving and his stance, which has, as previously pointed out by Smith, jeopardized the Nets' season. Smith has also repeatedly talked about how Irving is hanging Kevin Durant out to dry by not complying with the New York City vaccine mandate and showing up for his teammates. Last week, the Nets, who had chosen to not play Irving in away games, reversed course, allowing the guard to play in those games.

Smith has talked about how Irving regularly takes time away from the game over the years. Irving hasn't played more than 67 games in the regular season since the 2016-17 season, when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Irving has a history of picking up injuries, this is still a testament proving Smith's comments correct about Irving taking time off from his profession.

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