"The amount of knowledge that he has stored in his head is phenomenal" - Alex Caruso on LeBron James' terrific basketball IQ

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three
Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three
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Alex Caruso has heaped praise on four-time NBA champion - LeBron James for his terrific court vision and basketball IQ. Caruso and Bron were amazing as a duo. Their lobs and passes to each other were part of all the highlight reels in the seasons they were together.

Alex Caruso was part of the LA Lakers' championship run during the 2019-20 season. LeBron was awarded the Finals MVP trophy because of his brilliance there. It was the fourth time in his career that the King was awarded this honor.

Many of his former teammates have lauded him for his on-court vision and ability to narrate the play before it even happens. In his 4 year stint with the Lakers, Alex Caruso enjoyed the fruits of LeBron's immense basketball IQ. Speaking about the same on The Old Man and the Three podcast, he said:

"Knowing plays, knowing player tendencies, coach tendencies, like... the amount of knowledge that he has stored in his head is phenomenal. Like I've taken that"


Undoubtedly LeBron's knowledge of the game is unparalleled. He has been a part of the league for 19 years and has played against some of the best players in the league. His experience of playing at the top for this long has helped him read all the players and their abilities. Speaking about the same, Alex Caruso said:

"Like, me playing guys now. In my first couple of years in the league, I didn't understand like, certain guys love to go to the left, you know certain guys are not really trying to get to the rim, they're trying to play in mid range or certain guys are going to flop or you know different things and like now for me you know like I know all of that stuff."

He went on to add:

"I have the encyclopedia in my head, like I don't have to think about it or look at the scouting report, like I already know what this player is going to do and that's something they enlightened me on, that I didn't know you could be that detailed and have thst much knowledge about the other team and the other players and it's just another weapon to have."
Alex Caruso and LeBron James,Them boys up to something.Video credit: @NBA.

Is LeBron James' basketball IQ an underrated facet of his game?

Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers
Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James is easily one of the best basketball players in the history of the game. He has won every laurel available in the league and still thrives for greatness in Year 19. The 36-year-old has played for 3 NBA teams and has helped all of them to championships.

He is one of the best playoff performers. His ability to make some big plays and efficient decisions have paved the way for him to become one of the greats in basketball. Many of his teammates have praised him for his unparalleled knowledge of the game.

🏆 4x NBA Champion🏆 4x NBA Finals MVP🏆 4x NBA MVP@KingJames is a contender for the title of best NBA Player of all time.#NBA75 |

There is no doubt that LeBron's presence on the court is still feared. He still has everything it takes to compete at the top. However, another aspect that still makes him dangerous is his court vision.

The Lakers are struggling to find consistency without LeBron playing. But once he returns to action, the 4-time NBA champion will lead the team from the front. He will help the franchise make another deep playoff run.

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