"The players have dropped the ball on this case when it's been one of their own" - Reggie Miller disappointed in NBA players for not calling out Kyrie Irving for promoting antisemitic film 

Indiana Pacers v Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

Reggie Miller is disappointed in NBA players for not calling out Kyrie Irving for promoting an antisemitic film on social media. Irving even defended his actions that caused further uproar. After the Brooklyn Nets stepped in, Irving and the team issued a public statement.

On Tuesday's TNT broadcast of the Nets against the Chicago Bulls (h/t The New York Post), Miller criticized current NBA players for staying silent on Irving's antisemitic issues. The Hall of Fame guard pointed out how players came together to protest against Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver for making racist remarks.

"In years past, this league has been great because the players have led the way and they have strong voices," Miller said. "When Donald Sterling stepped in it, when Robert Sarver just recently stepped in it, our voices in the basketball community and our players were vocally strong in some type of discipline being handed down or be gone."

Reggie Miller added that it's very disappointing to see players stay silent on Kyrie Irving. Miller noted that it's disheartening because the NBA has always been about advocacy. If players are going to call out owners, they also need to do the same for their fellow players.

"The players have dropped the ball on this case when it’s been one of their own. It’s been crickets," Miller added. "And it's disappointing, because this league has been built on the shoulders of the players being advocates. Right is right and wrong is wrong.
"If you're gonna call out owners, and rightfully so, then you've got to call out players as well. You can't go silent in terms of this for Kyrie Irving. I want to hear the players and their strong opinions as well, just as we heard about Robert Sarver and Donald Sterling."

To read the entire piece from the New York Post, click here.

Kyrie Irving finally takes responsibility for his actions

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.
Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving turned heads when he promoted the film "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America" on his Twitter account last week. He doubled-down and defended his actions over the weekend when questioned by a reporter.

However, the Brooklyn Nets had enough and temporarily banned Irving from talking to the media before and after games. The Nets also consulted the Anti-Defamation League, a non-profit organization that fights antisemitism and other forms of hate.

Irving finally took responsibility for his actions on Wednesday by releasing a statement alongside the Nets and Anti-Defamation League. The Nets and their star guard pledged $500,000 each to help eliminate hate in their community.

"I oppose all forms of hatred and oppression and stand strong with communities that are marginalized and impacted every day," Irving said. "I am aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community and I take responsibility. I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true or reflects my morals and principles.
"I am a human being learning from all walks of life and I intend to do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen. So from my family and I, we meant no harm to any one group, race or religion of people, and wish to only be a beacon of truth and light."

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