“They are trading him at some point, the question is when and to whom?” - NBA analyst believes it doesn’t matter if Kevin Durant starts the season with the Nets, cites his insistence on getting traded

Kevin Durant still wants to be traded out of the Brooklyn Nets (Image via Getty Images)
Kevin Durant still wants to be traded out of the Brooklyn Nets (Image via Getty Images)

Kevin Durant has single-handedly made this NBA offseason very interesting. Just after Kyrie Irving opted into the final year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets, Durant demanded a trade.

The two-time NBA champion wants out and the Nets are listening to trade offers for him. Unfortunately, their asking price is too high and not many teams can meet it. But anything can happen before the upcoming season tips off.

Some NBA fans and analysts believe that Kevin Durant will stay with the Brooklyn Nets after this summer, but Nick Wright disagrees with them.

“Kevin Durant demanded a trade! That is what happened! That is still happening," Wright said. "They are trading him at some point. The question is when, and to whom. But they're trading him, we all know they're trading him.”

Wright believes that Durant's decision is final and that he insists on being traded to another team. This is the biggest factor in the trade request, and considering that the 12-time All-Star hasn't changed his mind, the Nets will likely trade him.

Kevin Durant will likely be traded to another team

Numerous NBA teams have been linked to Kevin Durant this summer. The list includes the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Toronto Raptors. However, none of them have offers that are good enough for the Nets.

The Celtics offered Jaylen Brown to the Nets along with Derrick White and a first-round draft pick. Brown is one of the best young players in the league. The Nets wanted them to throw in Marcus Smart as well, which is simply too much.

“Kevin Durant demanded a trade! That is what happened! So they are trading him at some point, we all know it. The question is when, and to whom.” — @getnickwright

Nick Wright pointed out that there is no way Durant can stay with the Nets, even if their season starts off the right way. The NBA analyst pointed out how the Nets were the first seed on Christmas day, yet they ended the season winning zero playoff games.

Durant has four more years left on his contract, which is why the Nets are asking for a lot in return. However, many NBA teams refuse to give up their future for him. While the Nets superstar is a fantastic player, no one can guarantee that he will play through his entire contract with the team that eventually acquires him.

The asking price for Kevin Durant is too high

The Brooklyn Nets don't want to get into rebuilding mode just yet, which is why they want star players in return for Durant. However, they also want first-round draft picks.

Durant may not be worth it, however. The team that trades him will lose several key pieces, whether it's players or draft picks, yet the superstar is 34. By the time Durant's contract is over, he will be in late 30's, which is not ideal.

Jayson Tatum on the #Celtics as currently constructed: "I love our team." Regarding the Kevin Durant rumors, he says: "I don't believe everything I see on TV. I done seen some shit about me that was a lie."

Furthermore, the four-time scoring champion has dealt with injury problems in the last few seasons. So far, he's only appeared in 90 games for the Brooklyn Nets, which makes trading for him even riskier.

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