"This is the one thing I've needed to say it" - Steph Curry talks about the missing link he needs before he refers to himself as the greatest shooter of all time in the NBA

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors takes a three-point shot against the Toronto Raptors.
Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors takes a three-point shot against the Toronto Raptors.

The majority of NBA players, legends, coaches and fans consider Steph Curry as the greatest shooter in the history of basketball. Still, Curry is not calling himself the G.O.A.T. shooter just yet until he breaks the all-time record for three-point shots made in the regular season.

In a special interview with Reggie Miller called "The Art of the Three" on NBA TV, Curry discussed his career as a player and as a shooter. They talked about how the two-time MVP idolized Miller growing up, and how he felt after passing him on the all-time record list.

Steph Curry sits second behind Ray Allen for the record with the highest number of regular season threes made. Curry told Miller that he would only consider himself the greatest shooter ever if he passed Allen.

"This is the one thing I've needed to say it. Until you have that record. Until you can say that you've made more than anybody in the history of the game. Then you can add all the other color you want into it. That'd be pretty objective right there," Curry said.

Even though Steph Curry has not passed Ray Allen's record for most career regular season three-pointers made, he passed him last November 8th for most career three-pointers made all-time, including playoffs.

As of this writing, Curry has 3,388 threes in his career compared to Allen, who has 3,358. Steph also attempted far less than Allen to get to his numbers. Out of the top 50 players on the list, he has the highest shooting percentage at 43.2%.

When will Steph Curry pass Ray Allen for most career regular season threes?

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.
Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Entering Wednesday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Steph Curry has a total of 2,918 three-pointers made in his career during the regular season. Ray Allen sits atop with 2,973 from his 18-year career. That means Curry only needs 56 three-point makes to break the record.

For the season, Steph is averaging 5.4 threes made per game. If he can meet his average for the next 10 to 11 games, he will break the record. The Golden State Warriors superstar could do it on December 13th against the Indiana Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse or on December 14th at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks.

Steph Curry has passed Ray Allen for the most three pointers made all-time (including playoffs) Curry: 3359+Allen: 3358

However, it is also possible for Steph Curry to break the record sooner this season. If Curry gets hot during a stretch in the next several games, the record will be broken. Remember, Steph owns the record for most games with at least nine three-pointers made at 38. He's already done it four times this season.

It could also happen later on if Curry gets cold from beyond the arc. There will be stretches wherein teams will focus on the three-time champion on defense. That's what happened with the Toronto Raptors in their last game, where Steph managed just 12 points with one three-pointer made.

In the end, only a major injury will derail Steph Curry's ascent to the top of the three-point record this season. It is also inevitable that Curry will become the greatest shooter ever, officially.

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