"To say that it compares to that, it's disrespectful to LeBron & it's a lie to you" - Draymond Green miffed after reporter compares LeBron James to Boston Celtics

LeBron James and Draymond Green during 2018 NBA Finals - Game One
LeBron James and Draymond Green during 2018 NBA Finals - Game One

Draymond Green and LeBron James have locked horns in four NBA Finals. Although Green's Golden State Warriors emerged victorious on three occasions, there is no denying James' brilliance in those matchups.

Green believes that the level of basketball IQ LeBron James brought into those series cannot be compared. Speaking about the challenge of playing Boston Celtics in the Finals this year as compared to facing James in previous seasons, Green said:

"Well, it doesn't compare to mentally playing against LeBron James, who I think is arguable the smartest guy to ever play this game, not one of, he's arguably the smartest guy to step foot on the basketball court, and so to say that and compare to that, it's disrespectful to LeBron, and it's a lie to you."
Draymond Green was asked the mental challenge of facing Celtics vs. LeBron James:"It doesn't compare. He is arguably the smartest guy to set foot on a basketball court. To say that it compares to that, it's disrespectful to LeBron & it's a lie to you."

Green also heaped praise on the Celtics players for all the good work they have done so far.

"These guys are super athletic. They are super young and fast and strong and all of those things that we know and have heard throughout the course of the series. They are those things, and then obviously they are super talented, and so when you're facing that, you have to outthink a guy."
Draymond Green and Klay Thompson on what they've gained after playing LeBron James in the #NBAFinals these past few years. #DubNation

Draymond Green lauds Marcus Smart's impact on the game

2022 NBA Finals - Game Two
2022 NBA Finals - Game Two

Draymond Green has not had the best of series for the Dubs so far. The Celtics have been successful in reducing his impact and this has helped them win two games. Along with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart is responsible for helping the team get this far in the series.

"If nobody's talking about you, you ain't doing nothing right"Marcus Smart on accepting the underdog role.Game 6: Thu. 9pm/et on ABC

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year has contributed on both ends of the floor. Ahead of Game 6, Draymond Green heaped praise on Smart's ability.

"They do have a guy there, Marcus Smart, who is extremely smart, who... it's like a chess match going up against him. He is kind of the brain of that team. Every team, you have that guy who is the brain of that team, and they have that in Marcus Smart, who I have a tremendous amount of respect for and his basketball IQ. So, it's a challenge."

Although Green believes that Smart is one of the smartest players on the Celtics, he still ranks LeBron James' IQ above him. It only makes sense, as James has been in the league for 19 years and has faced off against some of the best in the business.

Marcus Smart on this screen ๐Ÿ˜…"He's got everybody clamped."

Marcus Smart has a lot to achieve before he can be mentioned in the same breath as James. His goal for now will be to help the Celtics win Game 6 and force a decider. It will be interesting to see how he approaches the situation as a lot is at stake for him and the organization.

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