"Truly unfortunate that Paolo has to retire now", "This is Shawn Kemp level disrespect" - Fans send in hilarious reactions to Dejounte Murray's disrespectful play against Paolo Banchero

Dejounte Murray dunks on Paolo Banchero at a pro-am game
Dejounte Murray dunks on Paolo Banchero at a pro-am game

A recent Pro-Am league game between Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero saw a heated interaction. With NBA fans taking note of the situation, they sent hilarious reactions to Murray's disrespectful play.

The offseason has seen several NBA players participate in other leagues in the country. With players such as LeBron James participating in the Drew League, seeing players in different leagues isn't an unfamiliar sight.

Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero have also frequently participated in such events. Murray played in the Drew League alongside new teammates Trae Young and John Collins. He has been a virtual highlight reel this offseason.

Similarly, Banchero has also been putting up tremendous numbers against his competition. However, a showdown between the two players showed a rather unexpected situation.

Playing in the Zeke-End pro-am league in Washington, the two NBA players went at each other. However, Murray pulled out one of the most disrespectful moves, putting Banchero on a highlight reel.

What Dejounte Murray did here to Paolo Banchero was just flat out FILTHY 🤮

With Murray's move going viral, NBA fans couldn't help but send in their reactions to the play. Here are some of the best responses to the situation on Twitter:

Dejounte Murray this summer
@legg_hunter4 @Redapples2021 @CHARDzardd This is so disrespectful. Year 2 Paolo may be better then year 7 Dejounte. Guy finally scores 20 points a game once in 6 seasons and has the audacity to act like that
@Redapples2021 @Ballislife just two seattle kids going at it nothing more to it
@Redapples2021 Bro about to have dudes in the gym like this 💀
@Redapples2021 Dejounte Murray 😂 can’t wait for his complete irrelevance to shine yet again
@ayyouneverknow @Redapples2021 bro was finna throw gang signs
Dejounte Murray told Paolo Banchero that the NBA changed him and he didn’t even play 5 minutes of NBA basketball.
@ATLHawks @cantguardjake @DejounteMurray Truly unfortunate that Paolo has to retire now
@ATLHawks @DejounteMurray bro is disrespectful. n i luv it. welcome to the A brotha
@overtime @DejounteMurray @isaiahthomas Another angle of Dejounte Murray disrespecting Paola Banchero. This is Shawn Kemp level disrespect:
Dejounte Murray after scoring in a pro am game
John Collins tryna guarding Paolo Banchero in all 4 games after da Dejounte Murray beef
6 year vet Dejounte Murray when 1st overall Paolo Banchero shows up to pro-am

The development around the Murray-Banchero beef has been sudden. With the All-Star giving the No.1 draft pick his "Welcome to the NBA" moment, Banchero will enter a competitive environment in the league.

Dejounte Murray-Paolo Banchero beef

Developing beef between Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero
Developing beef between Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero

The offseason has seen the development of several alliances and rivalries. However, the recent beef between Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero has come out of nowhere.

After a highly disrespectful display at the Zeke-End pro-am, the two players shared some bad blood. Murray trash-talked throughout the game.

Dejounte Murray on Paolo Banchero:“That’s who they came to see? It’s a man’s league, he a little boy.”

While the game may have ended, things continued to heat up off the court as both players took to Instagram. Banchero was the first to address the situation, posting this on his story:

Paolo Banchero posted this to his IG story after Dejounte Murray embarrassed him on that play 😳(via Paolo5/IG)

Although Banchero's off-court response garnered some attention, Murray was just as quick to fire back at the rookie. Posting his side of the narrative on his Instagram story, Murray said:

"You tried to flex that #1 pick s**t on me when I been rooting for you when you was a kid asking to rebound for me @paolo5 don't get on this internet saying nothing... You changed from the humble kid you always was and I stand on real s**t boy and you know!!!!!!!! You made it and changed and I lost all respect!!"
Dejounte Murray responds to Paolo Banchero 👀(via @DejounteMurray/ IG)

The exchange has added some perspective to the whole ordeal. Whether the disrespect is justified, however, remains up for debate. The development of a beef between the two could be entertaining to follow as we near the start of the regular season.

With both players having a point to prove, the matchup between the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks could be one to circle on the schedule.

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