Vice Chairman of Phoenix Suns' open letter calls for resignation of Robert Sarver: "The fact that Robert Sarver 'owns' the team does not give him a license to treat others differently than any other leader"

Jahm Najafi called for the resignation of Robert Sarver
Jahm Najafi called for the resignation of Robert Sarver

In light of the scandal surrounding Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, Suns vice chairman Jahm Najafi reportedly called for Sarver's resignation.

The NBA world was shaken by the recent news of Sarver's inappropriate conduct within the organization. After an investigation led by the NBA found definitive proof of this conduct, the league banned Sarver for one year. He was also fined $10 million.

While Robert Sarver has been punished for his actions, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been criticized for not taking stricter measures. In this regard, players such as LeBron James and Chris Paul have also used their influence to perpepuate further action.

Given the amount of attention this matter has gotten, the situation has seen a greater escalation within the Phoenix Suns organization itself. Minority stakeholder Jahm Najafi recently called for Robert Sarver's resignation.

In his statement, Najafi wrote:

"Due to the NBA's investigations and findings, I have no choice but to speak up on the behalf of the hundreds of you that have been impacted by your interactions with Robert Sarver and the resulting investigation of his conduct."

While also offering his heartfelt apologies to those who suffered under Sarver's misconduct, Najafi praised their courage to come forward and share their experiences. He added:

"There should be zero tolerance for discriminatory actions of any level, in any setting, let alone a professional one."
"The report confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses that Robert Sarver used the 'N-word' at least five times. The report confirmed Sarver engaged in conduct demeaning of female and pregnant employees. The report confirmed that Sarver made crude and sexually inappropriate comments in professional settings."
"The fact that Robert Sarver 'owns' the team does not give him a license to treat others differently than any other leader. The fact that anyone would find him fit to lead because of the 'ownership' position is forgetting that NBA teams belong to the community they serve."

He also went on to mention that if ownership were not held to the same standard, the organization itself wouldn't function. Unable to look past Sarver's wrongdoings, Najafi concluded with:

"Therefore, in accordance with my commitment to helping eradicate any form of racism, sexism and bias, as vice chairman of the Phoenix Suns, I am calling for the resignation of Robert Sarver."
Jahm Najafi, the second largest Suns stakeholder, has publicly called for the resignation of Robert Sarver in an open letter to Suns fans.

While Jahm Najafi explicitly mentioned that he has no interest in being in a managerial role, he promises to find someone fit for the job.

What is to become of the Phoenix Suns after Jahm Najafi's statement?

Phoenix Suns in a team huddle
Phoenix Suns in a team huddle

Jahm Najafi is the second largest stakeholder in the Phoenix Suns organization behind Sarver. A statement of this magnitude holds a lot of weight in light of the current climate within the organization and the NBA.

Given the manner in which the league has dealt with Sarver, it is safe to say that a fair majority aren't satisfied with the sanctions. This was spurred on by the tweets made by Chris Paul and LeBron James, who voiced their displeasure toward Adam Silver's response.

I am of the view that the sanctions fell short in truly addressing what we can all agree was atrocious behavior. My heart goes out to all of the people that were affected.
Read through the Sarver stories a few times now. I gotta be honest…Our league definitely got this wrong. I don’t need to explain why. Y’all read the stories and decide for yourself. I said it before and I’m gonna say it again, there is no place in this league for that kind of
behavior. I love this league and I deeply respect our leadership. But this isn’t right. There is no place for misogyny, sexism, and racism in any work place. Don’t matter if you own the team or play for the team. We hold our league up as an example of our values and this aint it.

With one thing leading to another and the call for Robert Sarver's resignation, the Phoenix Suns are definitely a franchise in disarray.

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With rumors suggesting that the New York Knicks may also pursue Suns star Devin Booker if the situation worsens, Phoenix could be on the verge of absolute collapse.

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