Video: Jayson Tatum and other Celtics showed up at Jack Harlow’s concert; the crowd was excited to see Jayson Tatum get buckets on stage

Boston Celtics Media Day
Boston Celtics Media Day; Jayson Tatum posing for solo pictures

Jack Harlow praised Jayson Tatum and other Boston Celtics when he had them on stage during his concert.

The award-winning hip-hop artist brought out players from his favorite team to shoot some free throws on stage while he performed. What a feeling.

Harlow, a seven-time Grammy nominee, let the world know about his Celtics fandom in the past. He's been a fan of the team ever since they acquired Kevin Garnett back in 2007. So this was a special occasion for him.

Harlow brought out Jayson Tatum first, and then called Blake Griffin and Payton Pritchard to the stage. Grant Williams was also in attendance at TD Garden.

Harlow said to the crowd as Tatum was shooting a free throw:

“This is way deeper than the playoffs.”

Harlow praised the three as they left the stage:

“Listen, please give it up for these three legends right here”

Griffin signed a one-year deal with the Celtics on September 30. Pritchard was selected 26th overall by the Celtics in the 2020 NBA Draft. He's heading into his third season with the team. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart are the only teammates left from his rookie season.

Tatum has been the face of the franchise since 2017. The three-time All-Star has averaged 20.9 points, 6.6 rebounds and 3.0 assists in five seasons with the Celtics.

Jack Harlow’s relationship with the basketball world

The popular hip-hop artist has kept himself connected to the NBA for quite some time.

Harlow has played in celebrity basketball games, and been in commercials with several NBA stars. Needless to say, Harlow is deeply embedded in the basketball community.

Jack Harlow balls out in Celebrity All-Star game

On February 18th, Jack Harlow joined Team Nique in the celebrity showdown. Though his team lost, Harlow put on a performance that caught some eyes. Here are some of Jack’s highlights during his celebrity game outing:


Kawhi Leonard has Jack Harlow in his commercial

Kawhi Leonard and Jack Harlow were in a New Balance commercial together in Los Angeles earlier this year. The pair can be seen playing one-on-one together in a promotion for the popular shoe apparal company.

Lenoard has one of the more reserved personalities in the basketball world. He is a private person and wouldn't associate himself with someone he doesn't like. For him to welcome Harlow with open arms really says something. Harlow is the real deal.


Jack Harlow shouts out Toronto Raptors

During a performance last week, Jack praised the Raptors in their home city.

Harlow changed his lyrics and rapped:

“I’m in the club with the basketball team, me and the Raptors are sharing a section,”

The refigured quote came during his song “WHATS POPPIN.”

Toronto rapper Drake was in attendance in one of the luxury boxes at the concert. The pair of artists share a song, “Churchill Downs”, but it was not performed. Harlow did shout out Drake’s booth midway through the show. Drake is a notorious supporter of the Raptors.

A nice little #Raptors shoutout during WHATS POPPIN from the one and only Jack Harlow.

Jack Harlow, a Boston Celtics fan

The hip hop artist gave his reason for being a Celtics fan during last year's playoffs.

We caught up with @jackharlow during Game 1 and turns out he's a #Celtics fan ☘️Bounce back game tonight at 7pm

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