Video: Russell Westbrook puts on an insane dunk show at a children’s basketball camp

Russell Westbrook against the Washington Wizards
Russell Westbrook against the Washington Wizards

LA Lakers superstar Russell Westbrook put on a show for the kids at a basketball camp. The guard turned the camp into a dunk contest. The former league MVP showcased some of his incredible dunks for the kids.

One of the girls at the camp threw a perfect lob for Westbrook as he dunked the ball. Despite being only 6'3, the point guard is a freakish athlete with incredible hops and speed. He galvanized the crowd and put on a show for them.

Westbrook is widely considered one of the fastest players in the league. He has an incredibly quick first step that allows him to go past the player guarding and attacking the rim with ferocity. While his pace has dwindled, Westbrook is still much quicker than most players guarding him. Westbrook is a match-up nightmare.

The LA Lakers superstar has produced some incredible dunks over the years. The former OKC Thunder guard can put on a show for the fans with his freakish athleticism and effort. He has posterized many centers in the league over the years.

Russell Westbrook's situation with the LA Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets

The LA Lakers are stuck with Russell Westbrook and his mammoth salary of over $47 million for the upcoming season. With three max contracts on the books, the Lakers have little maneuverability to acquire better role players to improve the roster.

Russell Westbrook's abysmal 2021-22 season for the Lakers and his large salary have also meant few suitors have inquired about him. The former league MVP also parted ways with his agent due to irreconcilable differences. A trade seems improbable because teams want two first-round picks to take on Westbrook's contract.

Some of Westbrook's biggest impediments with the Lakers have been his turnovers. These turnovers have been caused by the sheer pace at which he plays. Last season, the Lakers had the oldest roster in the league, and they could not live with the former league MVP's speed.

Russell Westbrook's defense has also been criticized. The All-Star is never short of effort on the defensive end of the floor. He constantly loses his man on that end, making him a defensive liability.

The only way forward for the Lakers is to put Russell Westbrook on the bench. As part of the rotation, he can be the primary ball handler and orchestrate the offense for the second unit. One advantage would be that Westbrook wouldn't play with LeBron James on the court. This change would allow Los Angeles to surround him with bonafide shooters and space the floor better.

But this would also mean Westbrook taking a seat in the game's final moments. The Lakers signed Westbrook to ease James' workload, but they instead needed more from King James.

The Lakers can either move Westbrook or introduce him to a new role that could benefit the team for the upcoming season.

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