Watch - Derrick White comes from behind to block the shot which leads to a massive slam from Jaylen Brown 

Derrick White
Derrick White's defense on Duncan Robinson led to a Jaylen Brown highlight reel dunk in the fourth quarter of Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

Derrick White, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics are refusing to go away easily in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.

White and Brown combined in the fourth quarter to create this morale-boosting sequence for the embattled Celtics:

Duncan Robinson, coming off screens, was nearly unstoppable in Game 3. The Boston Celtics probably still had that helpless feeling after the Miami Heat's 3-point barrage in the last game.

Derrick White, who led all guards in blocked shots in the regular season, paid close attention to this play. He caught Robinson right where he could swat the ball from behind without fouling.

Once the fastbreak was on its way, the Celtics made sure they scored a bucket off a Jaylen Brown dunk.

The said sequence was crucial as the Heat were starting to put together another rally at the start of the final period. Miami has won six games in the playoffs while trailing their opponents at the start of the fourth quarter.

Brown's slam gave the Celtics a much-needed cushion. Boston outscored Miami 48-22 bridging the third and fourth quarters.

Derrick White, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown put their imprints on defense in Game 4

The Miami Heat were the 27th-ranked team in the regular season, hitting 34.4% of their 3-pointers. They have turned into the NBA's best in the series against the Boston Celtics.

Heading into Game 4, Miami shot 47.7% from behind the arc. Game 3 was particularly brutal as the Heat took out the Celtics with their long-range bombs. Miami was 19-35 for a blistering 54.3%.

Marcus Smart, Derrick White and Jaylen Brown were elite 3-point defenders in Game 4. They were mainly responsible for limiting Miami to 8-32 (25%). Gabe Vincent, who was 6-9 in Game 3, was 1-4 this time around.

Duncan Robinson couldn't replicate his 5-7 shooting and ended up missing all four of his 3-pointers.

Smart and White were superb in fighting off screens to keep a body on Miami's shooters. They will have to continue doing that for the Celtics to cut the deficit in Game 5.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Three

Jaylen Brown continued to struggle with his 3-point shot. He is now 3-25 (12.0%) in the series against Miami Heat. However, he made it up for his defensive effort, especially around the perimeter.

The All-Star guard averaged 26.7 points in the first round against the Atlanta Hawks on 51.5% shooting from three. He also had 22.9 PPG against the Philadelphia 76ers, hitting 43.2% of his shots.

The Boston Celtics will need Jaylen Brown to regain his shooting touch from deep to beat the Miami Heat three more times.

If he can't regain that, he has to be a stud on the defensive end, as he was in Game 4 to try and limit the damage.

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