Watch: Hilarious throwback reel of Kyrie Irving dancing in high school shared by SportsCenter

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie dances on the sideline during a February 2021 game against the LA Lakers
Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie dances on the sideline during a February 2021 game against the LA Lakers

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is well-known for his breathtaking moves on the court. Managing to dazzle with highlight spins, intense dribble variations and remarkable rim finishes on NBA courts as well as his fictional persona as "Uncle Drew," Irving has been known to move with flair.

In a video shared to Instagram by ESPN's SportsCenter, Irving is seen showing off a set of moves nobody has seen on the court before.

Kyrie Irving has the moves

So, the seven-time All-Star has had the moves since at least high school. Swinging his hips around like Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and spinning about, Irving looks to have years of foundation in those spins. Those moves are reminiscent of what fans have seen him make often on the court.

Seeing a young Irving having such a fun time is a reminder of the joys that can be shared along life's journey.

Irving averaged 26.9 points with 4.8 rebounds and 6.0 assists per game last season, his second for the Brooklyn Nets. Those are strong numbers the team would love to see at the moment. The seven-time All-Star hasn't played this season.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant has had to carry the team, and he has responded. "The Slim Reaper" leads the NBA in scoring with 29.7 points per game. He also averages 7.9 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 37.0 minutes per game. However, his average in minutes is his highest since the 38.5 he averaged in 2013-14, his MVP season.

Durant's MVP-caliber efforts have kept the Nets (21-9) atop the Eastern Conference. But the team hopes Irving can help lessen the load on Durant and James Harden (20.8 ppg, 9.6 apg) for the rest of the season.

Friendly reminder that Kyrie Irving has the best layup package in NBA history and it’s not even close. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Irving, who is unvaccinated, has yet to play because Brooklyn decided in October not to have him participate only on a part-time basis. COVID-19 mandates in New York City and San Francisco (and now in Toronto). However, with Durant and Harden clocking so many minutes, the team reversed course last week and announced Irving could play in away games.

Since that decision was announced, however, Irving has subsequently gone into the league's health and safety protocols as one of many affected by the COVID surge. Irving will be able to play in 24 away games throughout the rest of the season, provided he is back for Brooklyn's next road stretch.

Both of those games are in Los Angeles: Christmas at the Lakers and Dec. 27 at the Clippers. Thursday's game at Portland was canceled Wednesday, because Brooklyn does not have the league minimum of eight active players for its roster.

If he can't make that road swing, the next road game would be Jan. 5 at the Indiana Pacers.

So, sometime soon, fans and observers should be able to see him dancing across the basketball court again.

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