Watch: Jimmy Butler and Brazilian soccer star Neymar duel in poker for $174,000 hand

Jimmy Butler and Neymar played a big Poker hand! (Instagram, Jimmy Butler, Neymar)
Jimmy Butler and Neymar played a huge poker hand (Image credit: Instagram/@neymarjr, @jimmybutler)

Multiple major sporting stars, including the likes of Neymar and Jimmy Butler, are part of the ongoing ‘Legends of the Felt’ event, which was live-streamed via Hustlers Casino on YouTube. The Miami Heat superstar, who is known to be a talented poker player himself, found himself at the event alongside the likes of other notable names.

This included boxer Ryan Garcia, Ninja, Chris Eubank Jr., Jon Vlogs and Dan Bilzerian. Butler found himself in a high-stakes showdown with Brazilian footballer Neymar, who currently plays for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. The 32-year-old missed much of the last season due to a knee injury, which he is still recovering from.

Butler, adorning dark sunglasses and a blue jumpsuit, seemed very much in his element right to the end. He put in as much as $78k and went all in at one time. However, Neymar followed suit, putting in his entire $75k. One hand went up to $174k, which Butler ended up winning due to his full house.

Neymar himself played the hand with a triple, as he had a 4, and the dealer put up two further 4s. Regardless, Butler, who was visibly communicative during the round, ended up winning the $174k hand, as Neymar looked around in disappointment, and with a wry smile.

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Butler himself was ecstatic and looked up to the skies in thanks. Of course, anyone would be.

Jimmy Butler showed off impressive Poker skills in $174k hand

Jimmy Butler’s expertise was apparent right from the beginning of the hand. He was initially encouraged by Dan Bilzerian to fold, for $10k, which he refused, claiming that the hand was not about the money. Rather, it was about ‘winning and losing,’ and Butler did not budge until the very end in the hopes of a full house.

The last card on the table was the 7 of clubs, which helped his cause and gave him a better hand than Neymar. The two sporting superstars have been friends for a considerable time and have often featured on each other’s social media.

What’s more, Butler had effectively predicted that he would win big against his Brazilian friend. Via an Instagram story one day before the event, Jimmy Butler told Neymar the following:

“All that and you still losing to me at poker tomm.”

While Butler lived up to his promise with a huge win, the two consider each other brothers, as the Heat star had said the following about Neymar in an interview with The Guardian:

“I see him as a brother, you know what I mean? I’ll fly anywhere to go watch my brother play. It’s a real family vibe around him.”

The kind of relationship they share was evident during the hand as well, as Jimmy Butler had told Neymar that ‘he loves him’ as well. Still, his delight was evident, as Butler smiled ear-to-ear before continuing with his impressive Poker face.

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