Watch: Steph Curry gets technical foul for intentionally overdoing a celebration

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors
Steph Curry and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry and Draymond Green have always had each other's backs as leaders of the Golden State Warriors. It’s one big reason why they almost have a near-telepathic connection when they’re on the court together.

Against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, both showed yet again how in sync they are with everything going on with the Warriors. After Green received a technical for stepping onto the court to celebrate Jordan Poole’s layup, Curry did this:

Steph trying to prove a point to the refs? 😅

After Donte DiVincenzo nailed a 3-pointer with 28.1 seconds left and the Warriors up 134-114, Steph Curry purposely celebrated under the Timberwolves' rim. He was looking to get the same treatment Green received from the referees.

Curry’s mockery earned him a technical foul. He proved that he's got Green’s back while sending a loud message to the referees.

After the 137-114 win, the reigning NBA Finals MVP posted on Instagram:

“I’ll take the fine! Good win Dubs!

Steph Curry has now accumulated three technical fouls. He’s been fined $2,000 for each of them.

After the game, Green couldn’t hide his satisfaction with what the Warriors’ franchise player did for him. He told the media that he “100%” appreciated how Curry had his back after getting the first technical for overcelebrating.

While Curry could easily get that technical without facing serious consequences later in the season, the same could not be said of Green. It’s almost inevitable that the Green’s tally will go up as the season progresses.

Here’s what Green had to say about the technical foul:

"I thought I was standing in the corner, so I don't know. Sucks though. It's the NBA, man. Your teammates make a good move. I didn't affect the play. Like, there's no one near me. Sucks. And the fact that that's going to count against my tech count, come on!
"It's ridiculous. But whatever. It is what it is."
"It's crazy, man."Draymond reacts to his technical foul for celebrating on the bench:

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are starting to look like their old selves

The Golden State Warriors have been celebrating more of late.
The Golden State Warriors have been celebrating more of late.

After losing to the Sacramento Kings 122-115 on Nov. 13, the Golden State Warriors have gone 6-2. While a few of the Warriors such as Klay Thompson are just starting to find their groove, Steph Curry’s been superb throughout the season.

The two-time MVP is averaging 31.4 points on a career-best 52.2% shooting. He owns a 50/40/90 split, which if he sustains, will be the second time he’s accomplished the feat in his glittering career.

In many ways, Curry is playing better than he did in 2015, when he won his unanimous MVP award. Throughout the Warriors’ struggles and recent resurgence, the NBA’s 3-point king has never faltered.

There is no way to overemphasize how masterful 34 year old Steph Curry is offensively…

Golden State now holds an 11-10 record, the first time this season they have more wins than losses since Oct. 23, when they were 2-1. The team is starting to play with more rhythm and swag. Draymond Green may just have to curb those celebrations to avoid more serious consequences down the road.

When the Warriors are celebrating, it’s usually bad news for the entire NBA, whether it goes with a Steph Curry technical foul or not.

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