"We gonna be tag team champs" - Udonis Haslem reveals he considered joining WWE with former Heat champion

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Udonis Haslem talks about wanting to join the WWE with Chris Andersen

Former NBA forward Udonis Haslem had a ton of fun winning titles with the Miami Heat, especially during the 2010s, as they had their Big 3. Nowadays, Haslem gets to interview some of his former teammates in his podcast, with fellow former Heat player Mike Miller. In the recent episode of "The OGs Show," Haslem shared an interesting promise he had with a former teammate.

Haslem's time with the Heat will remain iconic, as he was the heart and soul of the team. As the veteran leader, he knew when to motivate his team when they needed it. But he also had fun with them.

The three-time champion shared that he made a pact with Chris Andersen, aka Birdman, to join the WWE. According to Haslem, they considered being a tag team and pursuing wrestling after their careers in the NBA. Despite their retirement, there has been no move towards realizing their wrestling aspirations.

"Me and Bird was supposed to do WWE when we retire, we was going to be [a] tag team," Haslem said. "That was the plan, and I ended up playing 20 seasons.
"I can still do it now, we'll call Triple H... And [Miller] is going to be our hype man."

Haslem also shared that they won't do it for the money, as they'll go straight for the tag team championship belts.

Players like Shaquille O'Neal, Dennis Rodman, and Karl Malone have previously participated in wrestling but as guests. Seeing two former NBA players be full-time WWE Superstars has never been done before. They could be the first.

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Udonis Haslem on the talent of players today

Basketball players are constantly improving their skills, and by the time Udonis Haslem retired, the NBA was filled with immense talent. Haslem is aware of that fact and isn't shy in giving love to the players of today.

"You gotta lead these young motherf****** with love. They need love. They need guidance. They talented as s**t," Haslem said. "The talent level right now is unmatched, I've never seen talent like what we watching [Victor] Wembanyama and Chet [Holmgren]'.

Haslem went on to talk about the moves that modern big men like Wembanyama and Holgren consistently show off. Players right now are as tall as NBA legend Yao Ming but can handle the ball like they're perimeter players. Not only that, they can also shoot consistent outside jumpers, making them impossible to guard.

The Heat legend never played that way, and he acknowledges his fortune in having played during a time when basketball was less fast-paced.

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