"We hit a new low tonight" - James Worthy appears to be sick of the LA Lakers, says that they don't "believe in anything they're doing"

James Worthy was disappointed at the LA Lakers after yet another disappointing defeat to a low seeded team
James Worthy was disappointed at the LA Lakers after yet another disappointing defeat to a low seeded team

James Worthy yet again blasted out at the LA Lakers after they suffered a disappointing loss to the Houston Rockets in overtime.

The Hall of Famer has been very critical of their performances in his appearances on Spectrum SportsNet. He stated that the loss against the 15th seeded Rockets was a new low for the Purple and Gold this season.

Worthy won three NBA championships with the LA Lakers in his playing days. He is still avidly following the team and has certainly been disappointed with the way the team has played since the start of the season. Speaking about their performance against the Rockets, he said:

"I didn't think that we could hit a new low, but we hit a new low tonight. The worst team in the league to be able to dominate like they did in overtime. First four quarters, tough enough and I thought the Lakers played well enough to win in four quarters, except they missed a lot of free throws"
“Doesn’t seem like they believe in anything they are doing.” @JamesWorthy42, @MettaWorld37 & @geeter3 share their thoughts on the #Lakers disappointing loss in OT.

Worthy also stated that the Lakers do not believe in themselves and lack the tenacity to come out of this tough situation. He sounded extremely dejected, and like all Laker fans, he would hope for a turnaround.

But with the way the team is playing, he doesn't look excited about the prospect of even making the play-in. Speaking about their mentality, he said:

"I think they realize they cant win, they dont feel they can. This is what I'm seeing and they cant beat the Suns or the best teams so I dont know man, it's almost like they're not dead on arrival, but they just dont have that tenacity, they dont have that will to work their way out of this."
"Even to get into the play-in games and you might think they'll be able to win with a healthy team, but I dont even think, it doesn't seem like they believe in anything that they're doing."
James Worthy had thoughts about the Lakers after their OT loss to the last-place Rockets.

The Lakers have a tough fixture ahead of them and will be against teams like the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers to name a few.

They are definitely playing without Anthony Davis, but if they keep that as an excuse and end up losing focus for the games left, things could get tricky for the purple and gold.

LA Lakers lose to the 15th seeded Houston Rockets in overtime

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets

The LA Lakers came into the game after a disappointing loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday. They were in desperate need of a win and a strong response was expected from them.

The Lakers started the game well and scored 38 first-quarter points. DJ Augustin played well off the bench as he nailed some threes and gave the team a lot of solidity from the bench.

Y'all gotta see this OT run 🤘

The Purple and Gold failed to carry their good form into the second quarter and ended up trailing 63-69 going into halftime. They came in strong after the break as Malik Monk and LeBron James made some vicious dunks to energize his side. A good third-quarter performance from the purple and gold helped them take a one-point lead into the fourth quarter.

Many expected LA to take home the win based on their experience, but the Houston Rockets surprised them by putting on a show. Jalen Green was the star on the night for them as he led the team from the front.

Despite taking the lead in the final minute, the Lakers managed to level things up. With one final possession left, LeBron James had the chance to win the game for his team. He ended up missing an easy layup and kicked the ball out to Carmelo Anthony, who missed a jumper and this meant that the game was set to go into overtime.

From thereon, the Rockets never looked back. They made nine straight points in the OT period to take the game away from the Purple and Gold. The Laker defense was not able to stop the young guns from the Rockets and eventually ended up giving 19 points in overtime to suffer a 129-120 loss on the night.

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