"We both have an irrational confidence of shots that we can take and make" - Stephen Curry puts Klay Thompson in the same tier as him when it comes to shooting the basketball

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson celeberating together
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson celeberating together
Adit Pujari

According to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson is his NBA peer when it comes to shooting the basketball.

Curry and Thompson haven't played a single game together since the 2019-20 season. Together, the Splash Brothers led the Golden State Warriors to five consecutive NBA Finals. At their peak, no team could stop the onslaught of two of the best marksmen in the league. They could rain down threes all night without skipping a beat.

In his recent interview with Michael Wilbon on NBA Today, Stephen Curry discussed what Klay Thompson means to him as a player.

Wilbon: "Who is your peer? I mean the actual player you consider a peer when it comes to just shooting the basketball?"
Steph: "I mean Klay's the first person that comes to mind. Just 'cause I see it everyday and I have seen him evolve into a marksman. Feels like we both have an irrational confidence of shots that we can take and make. It's been cool to have that healthy kind of competition. You know for the last, what, ten years."

Wilbon then asked Stephen Curry about his eagerness for his Splash Brother to be back.

Wilbon "Are you anxious to get it back?"
Steph: " Oh, one thousand percent because we elevate each other.

After watching Steph Curry struggle last night, Steve Kerr discussed the return of Klay Thompson and how it will change the Warriors offense…

When will Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson play an official NBA game again?

The timetable for Klay Thompson's return to the court is not yet fixed. However, league insiders believe that Thompson may play for the Golden State Warriors alongside Stephen Curry before Christmas. Nick Friedell of ESPN, while on the Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective podcast, shared his expectations over the GSW's #11's return.

Friedell: "They have a couple games just before Christmas, and then I believe it's a Denver game at home just after Christmas. I'd be surprised if Klay isn't back in one of those because it just feels like, in the brief glances that we've gotten of him working out... he looks like himself."
"It's going to be fun."Klay is now part of the Warriors' offensive calculus as they plan for defenses loading up on

It is safe to assume that Steve Kerr, the Warriors and all their fans can't wait for Klay Thompson to be back. With his return, the GSW big 3 will finally be back to playing together and hopefully punishing their opponents like they did in previous seasons. Draymond Green, who is having a great year, has been exceptional defensively and may very well be one of the best defenders in the league so far.

Curry, meanwhile, has been an absolute nightmare for all his opponents. He is averaging 27.8 points while landing 5.4 three-pointers per game. While Jordan Poole's emergence has allowed the Warriors the luxury of having two reliable downtown shooters, Klay Thompson's return will most likely result in Poole getting fewer minutes on the court.

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