"We're comfortable with where we are" - Steve Kerr says there are no plans to change Steph Curry’s rotation pattern at this stage

Steph Curry in action during an NBA game
Steph Curry in action during an NBA game
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Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr recently said that the coaching staff does not intend to change Steph Curry's current rotation pattern. The 33-year-old point guard has been in a shooting slump since December last year, but Kerr continues to believe the team is in a comfortable position regarding his rotation.

Curry has shot only 35.9% from the field and 29.9% from the arc across his last 11 games. The Warriors' offense has struggled as a whole during that period, losing four games. The two-time MVP's rotation pattern has also changed during that phase.

He has been playing nine minutes of the first and third quarter instead of 12, with rest in the middle during the second and the fourth quarter right now, instead of playing only the last six minutes. Coach Steve Kerr doesn't think that's a problem right now as per his latest interview, in which he said (via Anthony Slater):

"I think we're in a pretty good pattern now where we play him the first nine minutes of the game. Take him out, start the second quarter, take him out for a few minutes in the middle of the second and then hopefully repeat that in the second half. And that puts him around 35-36 (minutes) for the game."

Kerr was asked if there was any consideration regarding Steph Curry being given his old rotation pattern soon, to which he replied saying:

"Not right now, I think we're comfortable with where we are at this stage. With Klay only playing limited minutes and sometimes taking the night off and Draymond being out, it's hard to really know where this is going to be say a month from now."

Curry's responsibility as the team's leader has only increased since Draymond Green was sidelined due to injury about two weeks ago. Green is out without a timetable for a return right now. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson, who returned after almost two-and-a-half years earlier this month, is expected to take a while to find his rhythm.

Steph Curry won't go back to his old rotational pattern in the near future. Steve Kerr: "Not right now. We're comfortable with where we are."Full Kerr soundbite

Steve Kerr not worried about Steph Curry's shooting slump

Steve Kerr continues to show a tremendous amount of faith in his star player Steph Curry despite his recent shooting woes. Reporters asked Kerr on Sunday night if he or Curry thought his new rotation pattern was the reason behind his shooting struggles, to which he had an interesting reply. Here's what he said:

"That's an interesting theory, I wouldn't dwell on it. He doesn't dwell on it. I've brought it up with him ... but Steph is Steph, he's got no excuses anytime. He just plays, he gets mad at himself when he misses shots and has a tough night, then he hits the game-winning walk-off. He's Steph Curry, so we don't worry about him too much."
Steph Curry was 1-13 from three tonight.He is the first player ever to win a game when missing 12+ threes and making only one.All the other players are a combined 0-6 in such games.(Submitted by @MikoPalero)

It will be interesting to see how long Steph Curry takes to bounce back from what happens to be arguably the worst shooting slump of his career.

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