"What can't he do?" - New LA Lakers recruit Malik Monk on why he's looking forward to playing with Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis #3 in action against the Wizards.
Anthony Davis #3 in action against the Wizards.

Newly signed LA Lakers guard Malik Monk is excited to be playing on the same team as LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The former Charlotte Hornets reserve guard will be playing for another team for the first time in his career and he has never played with a pair of forwards as good as the Lakers duo.

After previously sharing how much he was looking forward to playing with James, Monk recently spoke about how versatile Anthony Davis is and how he is more than excited to be on the same court as the LA Lakers forward.

"He’s a big man that can play guard, and he can guard one through five, too, as well, so if LeBron is not the biggest part, AD probably is," Monk said per Yahoo Sports.
"AD is one of the biggest parts of this team, and what can’t he do? I’m just looking forward to it, super excited."

Anthony Davis is one of the most decorated forwards in the NBA. He has won an NBA championship (2020), an All-Star Game MVP (2017), has played in eight All-Star Games, has been a member of an All-NBA team four times, and also been a four-time All-Defensive Team selection.

Malik Monk’s connection with Anthony Davis

Malik Monk #1 drives to the basket against De'Aaron Fox #5.
Malik Monk #1 drives to the basket against De'Aaron Fox #5.

Malik Monk and Anthony Davis played in Kentucky during their collegiate years even though they didn’t play ball there at the same time. Nevertheless, the connection between the alums is a solid one.

"Everybody from Kentucky knows everybody, at least they tried to come back when I was in school to play with us or just talk to us, so we all talked before," Monk said.

The connection between the two players will be tested during the season. Though Anthony Davis is a starter and Monk likely a reserve, there will be plenty of opportunities for the LA Lakers teammates to spend time together on the court.

Monk averaged 11.7 points per game last season, a career-high for the 23-year-old. More importantly, he shot 40.1 percent from three-point territory.

That kind of long-range shooting will benefit him as Anthony Davis will be looking for Monk when he is double-teamed in the post.

If Monk can knock down threes with regularity next season, Davis will be feeding him more and more, which will hopefully lead to success for the LA Lakers.

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