What is the "NBA or NFL Congress video" and why is it going viral? Exploring its origins and how it came to prominence

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NBA or NFL Congress video going viral

The NBA or NFL Congress video has taken the internet by storm over the past few weeks. While some remain skeptical, some are in awe of what they've seen.

In the video, a speaker begins rattling off a long list of crime statistics involving drunk driving, spousal abuse, and assault. Once he's done with the list of crimes, he asks the crowd if he thinks this rap sheet belongs to players in the NBA or the NFL.

Pro athletes are held to a high standard, but plenty have had their fair share of drama away from their respective sports. However, this list does not involve them in any way. At the end of the video, the speaker catches everyone by surprise by pointing out that all the crimes involve neither sports organization, but instead members of the US Congress.


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The internet reacts to the NBA or NFL congress video

As expected, the NBA or NFL Congress video quickly went viral on the internet. Seeing that these are members of the government, it is appalling to hear them connected to such a high volume of crimes.

With the video constantly spreading on the internet, many people have commented about what they think. As expected, the majority were greatly concerned to hear that so many government officials were tied to illegal activity.

Many called for these members of congress to be removed from their positions. As high-ranking employees of the government, they should be fired for committing such crimes.

One interesting factor is how different the punishments are. In today's era, we've seen plenty of NBA and NFL stars lose their jobs due to their wrongdoings off the field. That does not seem to apply to the government, as most of these congress members have kept their positions of power despite having run-ins with the law.

Athletes have had their careers and livelihoods destroyed for some of the same crimes mentioned in the NBA or NFL Congress video. Judging from most of the reactions, people feel the same should happen to government officials.

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