"WHAT THE FK IS THIS": NBA fans go haywire after Ringer releases top 35 players ft. Derrick White, has them in splits

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NBA fans react to The Ringer's top-35 list with Derrick White at No. 35.

The Ringer recently released its list of the league’s top 35 players headed by reigning NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets. Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic and Steph Curry round out the best five in the ranking.

The Ringer is a site is founded by Boston Celtics loyal fan Bill Simmons. Although Simmons is unabashedly a Celtics fan, he is surrounded by analysts who are largely impartial in their views about teams and players.

It didn’t take long for fans to comment on what The Ringer had listed after putting Derrick White in their top 35 list:


Derrick White’s inclusion didn’t sit well with many. Many were appalled that Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving wasn’t in there. Some were also divided by LeBron James’ spot at 10th. Others were excited that he was ranked despite being 39 years old. Others couldn’t believe the four-time MVP wasn’t in the top five.

New York Knicks fans called the list dubious, among many other names, for putting white over All-Star forward Julius Randle. Many are not sold on James Harden as the 28th-best player in the NBA. Although the LA Clippers are on a rampage, they’re crediting the success of the team to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and coach Ty Lue.

Several in Laker Nation can’t comprehend Anthony Davis’ standing. The NBA superstar is 13th and ranked lower than Tyrese Haliburton. Despite Haliburton’s spectacular season, they are still not convinced that he’s better than Davis.

A list of the top 10 or 50 players will always garner comments and sometimes heated discussions. This isn’t an exception. Regardless of who made the rankings, there were bound to be arguments.

NBA fans will be even more engaged once the All-Stars are named

If The Ringer’s list of top 35 players promptly received comments, the NBA’s announcement of the All-Star Game participants should be even more lively. The league had already collected the first batch of fan voting for the said event.

LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum were the top vote-getters. Chet Holmgren and Victor Wembanyama are also getting consideration for the West frontcourt. Ditto for Paolo Banchero, Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis for the Eastern Conference.

The All-Star Game will be on Feb. 18 and with the Indiana Pacers playing host. It’s still a long way to go and fans still have several opportunities to vote for their favorite players. Once the names are out, it wouldn’t be a surprise that many will question how the best NBA stars were voted in.

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