Who is Brynn Cameron and is Blake Griffin paying her $258,000 per month? All you need to know

Blake Griffin and former fiancee Brynn Cameron have settled a palimony lawsuit. [photo: People]
Blake Griffin and former fiancee Brynn Cameron have settled a palimony lawsuit. [photo: People]

Blake Griffin recently caused a stir when he signed for the Boston Celtics, the reigning Eastern Conference champs. Over the past two seasons, he played for the Celtics’ rival, the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite his performances on the court taking a hit, the six-time All-Star has always managed to stay in the spotlight. This was due to a palimony lawsuit filed by former fiancee, Brynn Cameron, which was settled a few years ago.

Based on the official documents procured by The Blast, the former partners asked the court to dismiss “the entire action of all parties and all cause of actions.”

Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron released a statement back in 2018 which refuted the report that suggested that the former had been ordered to pay $258,000 a month in child support. The statement did not clarify how much Griffin has been ordered to pay.

In 2018, Brynn Cameron sued Griffin for leaving her and the kids to date celebrity Kendall Jenner. Cameron detailed in the lawsuit that Griffin “had no problem” leaving his former fiancee and two kids for Jenner.

She continued her allegations with this:

“He cared more about the glamor of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and a family man."

The Detroit Free Press tweeted this when the court reportedly handed out a decision in 2019:

“Blake Griffin reportedly ordered to pay $258K a month in child support.”
Blake Griffin reportedly ordered to pay $258K a month in child support

The palimony lawsuit was another episode in the drama between Griffin and Cameron. The NBA player apparently dumped her a week before their planned wedding over a prenup agreement that she alleged wasn’t something they agreed on.

After putting the planned marriage on hold, the former member of the LA Clippers' "Lob City" left the erstwhile USC basketball player for Kendall Jenner.

In April of this year, Griffin requested the court to dismiss the allegations. By August, Griffin and Cameron had settled custodial issues and agreed to co-parent their children.

Blake Griffin signs a one-year fully guaranteed contract with the Boston Celtics

TOUR Championship - Round Three
TOUR Championship - Round Three

The former slam dunk champion has signed with the Boston Celtics, who will pay him $2.9 million, per Spotrac.

Griffin’s addition will give the Boston Celtics a little boost in their frontline as they are without injured starting center Robert Williams. Boston’s defensive anchor will be out for 6-8 weeks.

Last season was perhaps the worst in Blake Griffin’s career, numbers-wise. He averaged 6.4 points and 4.1 rebounds in just 17 minutes per game.

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