"Who gave him license to talk like he Michael Jordan" - NBA fans roast Stephen Jackson for dissing Austin Rivers on LeBron James-Bronny take

Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers' LeBron James-Bronny take gets dissed on by Stephen Jackson, resulting in NBA fans roasting him

Stephen Jackson has never minced words when it comes to NBA-related topics, which Austin Rivers fell victim to after his comments regarding Bronny James' production at the collegiate level. With Rivers having reservations about Bronny and the idea of him playing alongside LeBron James, Jackson was not fond of Rivers' comments and went on to belittle his basketball capabilities.

Jackson posted his strong comments on Instagram, resulting in numerous reactions from NBA fans.

"Who gave Stephen Jackson the license to talk like he Michael Jordan. He just be calling anybody bums man."

Similar to the fans' knowledge of Austin Rivers' basketball career, they are also aware of Bronny James' current inconsistencies on the court. The potential is there, especially when it comes to reading the game at the offensive and defensive ends.

However, fans are in agreement with Rivers' critique of Bronny James. Rivers said it would be best for him to get drafted by a contending team. Through this move, he can learn from elite players on how to approach the game, further widening his knowledge and skillset at the same time.

Whether he's the son of the 20-time NBA All-Star or not, making it and lasting in the league is no easy task, especially for someone as young as Bronny.

Rivers averaged 8.5 points (41.9% shooting, including 34.9% from 3-point range) and 2.1 assists per game.

What did Austin Rivers say about Bronny James?

Austin Rivers provided an interesting insight into James' son. On ESPN's "NBA Today," Rivers was honest about how he viewed Bronny at the collegiate level and his disapproval of him playing alongside his father in the NBA.

"I hope it doesn't happen," Rivers said. "I don't wanna see Bronny play with his dad, I really don't. I went through something similar. ... I was already in the NBA when I went to play for him (his father Doc Rivers). What happens is people try to discredit what you've done.
"Right now, his numbers don't scream pro," Rivers added, "or if he's picked, it would be great if he gets picked up by a contending team that can help him, put him in a situation, because he has talent, he has basketball IQ, he has potential."

Playing with his father next to him on an NBA team does have its perks as it would be a special highlight in their careers. However, Rivers wants the young and aspiring guard to be in a different environment and to slowly figure the game out without his father being so close to him on the court.

As of now, Bronny James is averaging 5.9 points (37.2% shooting, including 27.5% from 3-point range), 2.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game with the USC Trojans.

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