“Who’s gonna lead them now…Your general isn't gonna be there for a whole year” – Former NBA champions raise concern over Celtics leadership post-Ime Udoka’s suspension, expect players to 'grow wings' and lead

Boston Celtics Media Day
Jayson Tatum at Boston Celtics Media Day

The Boston Celtics have quickly become one of the most fascinating storylines throughout the entire NBA. After taking the league by storm in the second half of last season, the Celtics found themselves using that momentum to end up in the NBA Finals.

Boston were up 2-1 in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors before they saw their opportunity to win a championship slip away. It was still an eye-opening season for the team and it looked as if Boston was on the verge of contending for a championship for years to come. That was until it was announced that head coach Ime Udoka had been suspended for the season due to violations with the organization.

Now, many are wondering if Boston can get back on the right track in a hurry and deliver on their previous promise.

Former Boston Celtics and NBA champions Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce spoke about the Ime Udoka incident on a recent episode of the "Cerified Smoke" show. During the episode, Kevin Garnett spoke about what questions he has for this Boston team moving forward.

While Garnett expressed doubt, he also said that he believes this is the time "where people step up and grow wings."

"Who’s gonna lead them now? Is this the time with Tatum? Jaylen Brown...Your general isn't gonna be there for a whole year. Just think about all that promise, all that investment they took on getting to the finals and what that year was like...
"This is when dark times show true self and personnel. This is where people step up and they grow wings."

Boston Celtics look to bounce back after Ime Udoka news

Ime Udoka at the 2022 NBA Finals - Game Four
Ime Udoka at the 2022 NBA Finals - Game Four

The Boston Celtics were quickly becoming favorites to be contending for an NBA championship in the 2022-23 season. That idea doubled when Boston went out and had one of the most impressive offseasons of any team in the league.

Despite the recent news that head coach Ime Udoka will be suspended from the team for the entire year, there's still plenty that believe in this team. One reason continues to be the veteran leadership of the roster at hand.

Jayson Tatum's vocal leadership continues to grow both on and off the court.

With rising stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in the mix, the team should have enough firepower to block out the noise and get back on track.

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