Why is Michael Porter Jr.'s brother facing prison time? Closer look at Coban Porter's crime & charges faced

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Why is Michael Porter Jr.'s brother facing prison time?

Earlier this week, Michael Porter Jr.'s brother Jontay received a lifetime ban from the NBA for gambling. On Friday afternoon, news emerged that his youngest brother, Coban Porter, is now facing jail time.

In February, Michael Porter Jr.'s brother Coban pleaded guilty to a DUI incident that happened a year prior. He ran a red light and struck another vehicle. The crash killed the driver, along with injuring the passenger.

After pleading guilty to charges of vehicular homicid and vehicular assault, updates have surfaced regarding jail time. Coban is set to face eight years in prison. He's getting six years for the death of the driver and two more for injuring the passenger.

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Coban Porter, 21, was attending college at the University of Denver. He was on a path to following in his brother's footsteps, playing for their men's basketball team. Following this sentencing, he will be behind bars until close to his 30th birthday.

Michael Porter Jr.'s siblings facing massive punishments

This has been a tough week for Michael Porter Jr. and his family. Just days before his youngest brother was sentenced to jail time, his other brother saw his pro basketball career come to an end.

Similar to the Denver Nuggets forward, Jontay Porter managed to reach the NBA. His career began in 2021, when he appeared in 11 games with the Memphis Grizzlies. After spending some time in the G-League, he got another opportunity with the Toronto Raptors.

Jontay played in 26 games for the Raptors this season, averaging 4.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.3 assists. As the year came to a close, an investigation was launched against him following some questionable gambling activity.

A few weeks later, the league revealed what they found in their search. It was brought to light that Jontay was disclosing confidential health information to benefit bettors. Along with this, he was also placing wagers on NBA games during his G-League tenure.

The NBA has strict policies when it comes to gambling, which led to a hefty punishment for Jontay. He has joined the long list of players and owners who have received a lifetime ban.

As he goes through all this off-court drama with his family, Michael Porter Jr. has to begin preparing for the postseason. The Nuggets finished with the No. 2 seed, and are looking to repeat as champions. If Denver is going to achieve this goal, they're going to need the sharpshooting forward to be locked in.

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