Why are there no NBA games on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022? All you need to know

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks
Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks

Some NBA fans might be wondering why there aren't any games scheduled on Tuesday, November 8. Apparently, the 2022 elections in the United States are scheduled on that exact day, which is why the organization decided to take a break. This is to give way for all active players to exercise their right to vote.

Once all the games scheduled for Monday, November 7 have concluded, all 30 teams will take a day off. That means no games, no media and no practice. The league's regular programming schedule will resume the following day. Fans will be able to enjoy 13 games of basketball action either on TV or via the NBA League Pass.

The NBA encourages people to vote on 2022 Election Day

2021 NBA Draft
2021 NBA Draft

The NBA announced in August that they will be postponing games to give way to the 2022 elections. The league's commitment to fostering nonpartisan civic involvement and enticing fans to create a plan to vote during midterm elections led to this decision.

The league has previously attempted to promote voting on Election Day, with many teams converting their locations into polling places in 2020. LeBron James, a four-time champion, urged his supporters to vote in 2020. Other well-known athletes have also participated in voter registration initiatives.

According to Sports Illustrated, Chris Paul has been quite outspoken about the importance of voting and the reasoning behind the league's decision to cancel all games on Election Day. He said:

“I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not the league’s decision. It was a collective decision with the players. That’s something the players came up with years ago during the bubble and things like that."

Paul thinks many people feel their votes don't matter. Similar to the points scored in basketball, every vote counts. Those missing votes could be key to electing the right leader for the country. Paul continued:

"Everyone a lot of times thinks their vote doesn't matter, but if you have 100, even 1,000 people who feel that way then those are votes that aren't being counted."
"Hopefully everybody gets out there and allows for, not just their opinion, but their values to be counted."🗳️ Get in the game and VOTE:

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