"You're an expensive backpack for 30" - NBA podcaster reveals what provoked Draymond Green to smack Jordan Poole

NBA Podcaster drops info on what sparked punch between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole
NBA Podcaster drops info on what sparked punch between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole made headlines last offseason when the two were involved in a heated altercation at practice.

Initially, reports emerged of Green punching Poole during a heated training session; however, footage released then showed Poole shoving Green, sparking the punch. At the time, rumors emerged of Poole talking trash regarding his upcoming contract extension.

While those were unclear, questions have continued to surface regarding the situation.

Although the pair put the situation behind them, with Green stating that he had to take some time to focus on himself while explaining that he shouldn't have reacted that way, there were immediate questions about their future.

Many chalked the situation up to Green being irritated with his teammate while also juggling things in his personal life. Others have suspected there was more at play.

During a recent podcast episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out, the host shared info from his sources on what sparked the punch.

"'You're an expensive backpack for 30' is what was said. ... Is what Jordan Poole told Draymond Green that got him punched in the f*****g face. ... 'You're an expensive backpack for 30' let's diagram the sentence. 30 is who in this case? ... Number 30, number one in your heart, Stephen Curry.
"... Expensive, like this is ... Draymond Green making $25.8 million dollars a year expensive."

The money concerns around Draymond Green in Golden State

The Golden State Warriors have since traded Jordan Poole away, and have also signed Draymond Green to an extension. Despite that, at the time, there was concern that Green would leave the team amid an expiring contract.

According to Pablo Torre, Green had already been concerned about the team's financial standing knowing he and Poole were up for an extension. Given that, the alleged comments seemed to get under his skin.

" [Money] it was the thing Draymond Green, I am told was actively worried about. Insecure and anxious about, Draymond had told people, I am told, that he believed last season would be his last season in Golden State.
"This was going to be his last dance, and here is Jordan Poole, the guy who is about to take his money in the zero-sum game, of Joe Lakob owner of the Warriors' pockets."

With the two men now on competing teams, fans are eager to see Poole and Draymond Green face off on the court. The two teams are set to square off twice this season. One on December 22nd, and once on February 27th.

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