"Your idols become your contemporaries and then your contemporaries become your enemies" - Marcus Spears reacts after LeBron James is criticized by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the notorious 'Big Balls' dance

Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James
Tyler Rucker

Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James has always been a popular player throughout his time on the basketball court. Fans from all over the world have paid close attention to LeBron any time he is on the court, knowing that they don't want to miss out on one of the best players to ever play the game. But LeBron's ability on the court has also drawn the attention of a number of former NBA players as well.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar was recently fined by the NBA after a celebration near the end of a game against the Indiana Pacers was viewed as "inappropriate." LeBron was seen celebrating after a game-clinching bucket and imitated former NBA player Sam Cassell's "notable" dance. After James was fined by the league, former NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was vocal about the incident, saying it was "childish." When speaking today on the "Swagu and Perk" podcast, sports analyst Marcus Spears went into detail about how some players that were previously an idol can eventually turn into your enemies. Spears talked about how Kareem was a popular player to look up to for so many young players and it appears now as if he's not pleased with how LeBron handled himself with this incident.

“Your idols become your contemporaries and then your contemporaries become your enemies”
"That don't mean I'm accusing Kareem of that...but a lot of that energy feels like you don't like that this man has reached this certain level that he's reached"


It's always fascinating when NBA legends try to voice their opinion about how the game is being played today. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been a popular role model for many NBA players over the years, as he's been viewed as a mentor for some of the rising talent in the league. While many may wonder if Kareem's comments about LeBron were completely necessary, it's interesting to hear what Marcus Spears brings up. Spears and Perkins continue to talk about the fact that this seems to be a tale of two NBA legends from different generations trying to "compete" with each other.

"We have to pay attention to the things that people are doing well, as opposed to highlighting the things that we don't agree with that ain't bothering nobody."

One common connection between LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the fact that LeBron is currently on the path towards eventually passing Kareem as the NBA's All-Time scoring leader. While it seems unlikely that Kareem will voice his disappointment with any player in the NBA, as he's often viewed as someone who tries to carry the sport's best interest, it's going to get plenty of attention as to why he felt it was necessary to comment on LeBron's fine on social media.

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