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Nike is studying why LeBron James' jersey split in the season opener

955   //    20 Oct 2017, 08:39 IST

No, this is not
A wardrobe malfunction the likes of which have never been seen in the NBA...

What's the story?

ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell is reporting on the odd way LeBron James' jersey tore during the Cleveland Cavaliers' opening night game against the Boston Celtics. Nike took over the manufacturing of the NBA's jerseys starting this season and Rovell states that the company is investigating what is causing this.

In case you didn't know...

In the season opener Tuesday, the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Boston Celtics. LeBron's jersey would split right between the numbers when Boston guard Jaylen Brown would grab at LeBron's jersey while defending him.

The big story to come from this night was the injury to Gordon Hayward just minutes into his Boston Celtic debut. After colliding with LeBron in mid-air, he landed awkwardly causing a dislocated ankle and broken tibia.

The heart of the matter...

Nike has not publicly commented on the situation, but the story has caught fire around the world ever since the incident aired live on TNT this past Tuesday. This is also the second instance of the jersey tearing as in the preseason, Los Angeles Laker guard Tyler Ennis' jersey tore and as a result, one of his numbers was hanging off of the jersey.

Rovell mentions that even though this is the first year that the NBA is the official provider for the jerseys this year, it is not a new fabrication. The 2016 United States Olympic basketball team wore the same jersey type for last year's Summer Olympics in Rio with no issues.

What's next?

The now-famous jersey is on the auction block alongside other opening-night game-worn items that the NBA put up for sale with the proceeds to benefit hurricane relief. At the time of this writing, the bid was up to $10,0040.00 and ends on October 26th.

Author's take...

While this seems like bad publicity for Nike, it's not going to hurt them overall. They're a big enough company to get past this incident and also get to the bottom of it.

Something great is coming out of the situation though, it has the highest bid by more than double of the next item in the auction for hurricane relief. Someone gets to own a unique piece of history while raising, even more, money for charity.

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