Ranking Stephen Curry's 5 best free-throw shooting-percentage NBA seasons

Stephen Curry celebrating a three-pointer.
Stephen Curry celebrating a three-pointer.
Akhil Khatri

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are the talking points of the league right now. After a couple of poor seasons, there were question marks on whether they would ever reach their golden years again.

Although these are early days in the 2021-22 campaign, Stephen Curry has had one of his best starts to a season. With an effective FG% of 60, he has been putting up some big numbers - four games with 40+ points. The Golden State Warriors boast a 13-2 record after their opening 15 games.

From the free-throw line, Stephen Curry is shooting 95.8% in 72 attempts. He has always been a reliable shooter from the line, with a career average of 90.8%. On that note, here's a look at his five best free-throw shooting-percentage seasons in which he played a minimum of 50 games:

#5 2014-15 – 91.4%

The 2014-15 season was the first time Stephen Curry was named the league’s Most Valuable Player. He made 308 of his 337 free-throw attempts, and led the league with a 91.4 FT%. Curry got more freedom to take his shots under new head coach Steve Kerr as a new era of dominance begun.

Steph Curry's cooking had Steve Kerr stunned in 2015 😂

For Curry, it was a season to remember. Apart from winning the NBA Championship and the MVP award, he also won the three-point contest in the All-Star weekend.

#4 2020-21 – 91.6%

Stephen Curry returned to the league after a season plagued with injuries as he sought to make up for lost time.

Instantly, he was back to being an explosive scorer, averaging a league-high 32 points per game. In a short 72-game season, he played 63 games and averaged 91.6% from the free-throw line. Curry also made history, joining Ray Allen and Reggie Miller as the only players to score more than 2,500 career three-pointers.

Stephen Curry in the 2020-21 season. 🔹 Scoring title🔹 Most threes on the season(337)🔹 38 30+ point games🔹 11 40+ point games 🔹 Averaged a career high 32 PPG🔹 5.3 threes per a game(NBA history)🔹 Warriors went 37-26 when Steph played( 2-7 without him)

The Golden State Warriors had a chance to make the playoffs through the league’s new play-in tournament. The Warriors, though, lost the seventh spot to LeBron JamesLA Lakers and the eighth spot to the Memphis Grizzlies. That marked a second year in a row they missed the postseason.

#3 2018-19 – 91.6%

Stephen Curry struggled with injuries during the 2018-19 season. He strained his left groin in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks. and missed 11 straight matches. Over the season, he averaged 27.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.2 assists, shooting at 91.6% from the line.

Steph (31 PTS & 5 3PM) and Klay (26 PTS & 7 3PM) came up big to force a Game 6! 👌Warriors vs. Raptors, 2019 NBA Finals Game 5 - 1pm ET on NBA TV!

The Golden State Warriors’ dominance came to an end in the 2019 NBA Finals. They lost 4-2 against the Toronto Raptors, losing 4-2, with Kawhi Leonard denying them a three-peat, winning the Finals MVP award in the process.

#2 2017-18 – 92.1%

The Golden State Warriors were the 2017-18 title winners after sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 in the 2018 NBA Finals.

Throughout the regular season, Stephen Curry averaged 26.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and 6.1 assists. From the free-throw line, Curry led the league with an FT% of 92.1. He made 278 of his 302 free-throw attempts.

Stephen Curry’s averages in the 4th quarter of the 2017-18 finals:• 43 Points (10.75 PPG)• 1 APG• 2.25 RPG• 13-29 FG (45 FG%)• 10-16 3PT (63 3P%)• 7-7 FT (100 FT%)• .670 TS%Elevated his level of play down the stretch

Curry played only 51 games in the regular season, due to injuries. However, he was healthy for the playoffs after missing the first-round series against the San Antonio Spurs. On his return, Curry contributed effectively at both ends of the floor.

#1 2010-11 – 93.4%

In the 2010-11 season, Curry was playing his second year as an NBA player. The Golden State Warriors finished 12th in the Western Conference with a 36-46 record.

Curry played 74 games in the season, averaging 18.6 points, 3.9 rebounds and 5.8 assists. He scored a season-high 39 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on a 70% shooting night.

Jeremy Lin recalls practicing with and against Stephen Curry as a member of the Warriors back in 2010-11. Like many others, he could conceive young Curry developing into a Top-5 NBA player.

From the line, he led the league, shooting at a career-high 93.4 FT%. He made 212 of his 227 attempted free throws.

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