Ride with Robert Horry in India: Generation Adidas Clinic

Robert Horry’s ride in India continues. He is here for the NBA 3×3 to be held over this weekend at Great India Place, Noida. Action starts from 12pm on Saturday.

Yesterday Robert worked with kids from the NGO Love in Action which works with underprivileged kids. Here’s a recap of that clinic: Ride with Robert Horry

Today it was something of a different kind. Robert was at the Generation Adidas Players clinic held at Modern School, Barakhamba. This involved 40 kids who participated in Delhi’s edition of the Mahindra NBA Challenge. 40 kids were chosen among the participants from Under 13 and Under 16 divisions of the Mahindra NBA Challenge.

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For the Generation Adidas Clinic, 8 kids among the 40 are chosen to receive training for a year along with Adidas sponsored goods.

Here’s what Robert had to say today:

Me: Hey, this is a different bunch of kids today. What was it like working with them?

Robert Horry: This Generation Adidas clinic is more about identifying the next generation of top level talent and to put them in a position to take their skills further. These kids were great, it’s good to see the joy and happiness with which they approach the game. During my interactions I can’t give individual time to everyone to the extent that I wish. I just keep giving them a lot of tips and dump knowledge on them. Hopefully they will memorize this stuff and add it to their game

Me: What’s been the most impressive thing about the kids you’ve come in contact with?

Robert Horry: It’s been pleasantly surprising to watch their willingness to learn. Sometimes you can talk to kids and what you say doesn’t come across. With these kids they pick up things really fast.

Me: You’re one of the greatest clutch shooters in history. Often selective amnesia is used with clutch shooters. People remember the makes and forget the misses. What’s your advice to young shooters on how they should better prepare to perform in clutch situations?

Robert Horry: You are only as good as the last shot you knock down. The key is to go hard in practice over and over. Repetition. When I made those shots, when I shoot, I don’t think about anything. I just catch and shoot in rhythm. There’s nothing to think about in the moment. Just do what you are told.

Me: What are the questions you’ve been asked most often in India?

Robert Horry: (laughs) First, what’s my favourite Indian food. Second, When can we see an Indian in the NBA.

Me: You ought to give Butter Chicken a try. I think that’s Troy’s favourite Indian dish. (Troy Justice, Senior director of operations, NBA India)

Robert Horry: I will. In fact we are headed to a great cuisine right now.

Me: With your schedule being tight here, have you got around to doing much sightseeing yet?

Robert Horry: We have some sightseeing scheduled tomorrow. All this has been sightseeing too. My family and friends back home, I gotta go places and get pictures to show them.

Here’s another picture of Robert in action today. Check back tomorrow for more of the same.

Edited by Staff Editor
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