Ride with Robert Horry: Sprite Basketblast at Amity University, Noida

The former Spur, Laker, Sun and Rocket is in India. Spreading the love for the game. He was over at Amity, Noida yesterday for the Sprite Basketblast. After practices with kids from Love in Action on one day, followed by an even intenser session with 40 young hoopsters who made it to the Generation Adidas Clinic on the next, the 7 time NBA Champion took to Amity University, Noida to loosen up with the lucky students. The students participated in events such as a 3 point shootout, a free throw line knockout relay, the above trick shot over a bottle, and a HORSE style NBA shot challenge with Sprite and tee shirts as giveaways. There were also some high flying dunks thrown down by Robert and Eban Hyams.

Me: Hey this must have been fun for all yesterday.Robert Horry: Yeah we went over to Amity Noida, just to have an interaction with the college kids and have some fun with basketball.

Me: Did anyone over there challenge you?Robert Horry:Haha, no.

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Me: Because the last Laker in India, Pau Gasol, he played vs Divya Singh and a tiny kid, and lost. I know he didn’t hold back his game on that. And I see Divya in the pics of this Basketblast.Robert Horry: (Laughs) Ah, no. We were just having fun today. No challenges.

India vs LA, India won 3-2. In Paul’s defense the kid’s jersey may have confused him

Me: Do you feel like Gulliver here in India? I guess back in USA a tall guy like you fits in better then here.

Robert Horry: (Laughs) No not really. Its the same all over actually. Us tall guys are as out of place over at USA as we are here. But you get used to it. Ducking under doors. Having to scrunch up. It all comes natural now, becomes second nature.

Me: You’ve been to a play yesterday, at the Kingdom of Dreams. Must have been fun.Robert Horry: Yeah it was amazing. I wish I had more time there. You just want to sit and soak it in it was such a great experience.

Me: And today was just sightseeing and shopping. You must have had a huge wishlist.Robert Horry: (Laughs) I had a wishlist but I didn’t bring the money with me. Just went around window shopping. Maybe when I get some free time tomorrow I’ll go around shopping.

Me: Being one of the uber clutch shooters of all time, do you get a lot of threats/boos from fans of opposing teams whom you have ticked off with your heroics?Robert Horry: Yeah I do get those. People come up to me and say that “Man I lost money because of you with my bets.” I shrug them off. I get those reactions from fans where they talk about that shot that I made

Me: You were a Laker, then you became a Spur. Do you get booed or cheered in LA?Robert Horry: You know, neither actually. People are cool with it. Yeah the fans in LA are alright with me.

Me: My favourite player is Allen Iverson. Followed by Steve Nash. If it wasn’t for you, both of them may be wearing rings right now.Robert Horry : (Laughs) Ah you’re gonna boo me now.

Me: Nah I’ve come to terms with it. Its great talking to you. Looking forward to doing so tomorrow.Robert Horry: Ok man.

Tomorrow the NBA 3X presented by Sprite tips off at Great India Place at Noida at 12 Pm. Robert will be there with the Golden State Warriors dance squad and among the performers will be Nikhil Chinapa, DJ Pearl and Hard Kaur. Be there!

Here’s a pic of Eban Hyams dunking today:

Edited by Staff Editor
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