NBA Rumors: Former All-Rookie team member has no offers on the table apart from a multi-year deal offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers v Toronto Raptors
Cleveland Cavaliers v Toronto Raptors

Cleveland Cavaliers and Collin Sexton are in negotiations over a new contract.

According to Cavaliers reporter Chris Fedor, the franchise has tabled an offer for Sexton worth around $40 million over three years. There were reports that Sexton initially wanted a deal around the region of $20 million a year. Sexton might be forced to take this deal with no suitors in sight.

"The Cavs have made what I’m told is a multi-year contract offer to Collin Sexton, one that they feel is reasonable based on the fact that he has no market and he has no other offers. I’m told that it is close to $40 million in total money. So think of like a three-year, $40 million deal," Fedor said.

Chris Fedor also spoke about how no other teams are lining up to offer Sexton a better deal than the Cavaliers.

"It’s way less than what Collin initially wanted. I don’t know that it’s the kind of deal that that Collin and his camp would be willing to take. So they’re sitting here saying, hey, look, we’ve given you what we consider a reasonable multi-year offer. If you’re interested in it, it’s yours. If you’re not interested in it, then go find one that’s better," Fedor concluded.
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Sexton's 2021-22 season with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Portland Trail Blazers v Cleveland Cavaliers
Portland Trail Blazers v Cleveland Cavaliers

Collin Sexton had career-highs in many categories during the 2020-21 season. Many expected him to lead the way for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2021-22 season. However, the guard suffered a torn meniscus at the start of the season, effectively ending his year.

This injury seems to have affected his value on the market. Sexton is expected to garner significant interest as a high-scoring guard, especially after Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal re-signed with their franchises.

Collin Sexton is the first player in @cavs history to score 20+ points in each of his first 10 games of the season.

There are many reasons why teams aren't lining up to offer Sexton the contract sheet he wants. The primary reason is that there aren't many teams with cap space to offer Sexton a $20 million per year contract. Secondly, Collin Sexton is coming off a significant injury.

Either way, the best option for Sexton seems to be to stay put with the Cavaliers. Sexton could be in for a much larger extension in three years as long as his performances do the talking.

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