NBA Rumors: LA Lakers prudent with trading first round picks

Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers
LA Lakers look on as Anthony Davis shoots a free throw

The LA Lakers have recently featured a lot in NBA rumors. However, given the team's stance on trading, The Athletic's Shams Charania reported that the Purple and Gold may be reluctant to deal with their draft picks at this point in time.

The Lakers have been linked with several teams over the course of the offseason. Most trade talks primarily centered around 9x All-Star Russell Westbrook.

However, a lot of these reports were put to rest ahead of training camp as Westbrook remained on the roster. With the Lakers putting a halt to trade negotiations, the roster appeared set for the regular season.

But following these events, the Lakeshow have emerged as one of the worst teams in the NBA. With a 2-9 record following Wednesday night's loss to the LA Clippers, the Lakers are ranked second-last in the Western Conference.

In light of these events, fans and media alike have urged the Lakers to make some moves to improve their roster. While rumors have suggested that the team has put out feelers to garner a sense for the trades that can be made, Shams Charania mentioned the Lakers' reluctance to part with picks.

Charania addressed the matter while speaking with the panel of FanDuel TV. He said:

"I'm told the organization will be prudent with their two first round picks available that they have for the remainder of the decade. I don't believe the Lakers are in a position right now to mortgage their future with those two available picks.
"So realizing this team might not be a championship contender, might not even be a shoo-in for the playoffs the way that the season is going. They're probably looking at marginal changes around the edges at best. That means trying to make deals without putting in first round picks."
“The organization will be prudent with their two first round picks available that they have for the remainder of the decade…”@ShamsCharania on what possible options the #Lakers have on #RunItBack with @MichelleDBeadle @ChandlerParsons @bansky📺:

Charania concluded by saying that any move, even one involving Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, wouldn't be prudent. This is primarily because of the draft capital headed out, which could practically stunt the organization for years to come.

As things stand, the LA Lakers are practically on the verge of collapse. With several suggesting that the team should enter a rebuild effective immediately, the Lakers may have to consider alternative solutions.

The LA Lakers have some trade options

The LA Lakers bench looks on at the game
The LA Lakers bench looks on at the game

The LA Lakers do not look like a title-contending team at the moment. As Shams Charania mentioned, the Lakers don't even look like a playoff-contending team as of now.

The Lakers, right now, are a study in poor roster management. While being one of the worst perimeter shooting sides in the NBA, the Lakers are also the team with the poorest offensive rating. This is not a coincidence.

With LeBron James in a shooting slump and Anthony Davis carrying the burden of defensive and offensive responsibilities, the Lakers are severely shorthanded.

There isn't much potential for the team to improve via trade. While the Buddy Hield-Myles Turner trade would benefit them in the short run, the Purple and Gold would be in purgatory for the rest of the decade.

The Purple and Gold may just be best served by entering a rebuild soon. With rumors suggesting that Anthony Davis may also be available in trade negotiations, the LA Lakers continue to engage in possible trade talks.

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