NBA Rumors Roundup: Ben Simmons and Doc Rivers' relationship beyond repair, Boston Celtics looking to trade Kris Dunn and more - August 12th, 2021

Head coach Doc Rivers speaks with Ben Simmons #25.
Head coach Doc Rivers speaks with Ben Simmons #25.

NBA rumors have surrounded the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons all summer long. Things appear to be getting worse between the two, this time also involving head coach Doc Rivers.

There are also NBA rumors of the Boston Celtics possibly making another move centered on Kris Dunn, which could happen before training camp begins.

But let’s get to the Sixers scoop first in our NBA rumors roundup from Thursday, August 12.

NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons has a problem with Doc Rivers but not all in organization

The Philly Voice’s Kyle Neubeck kicks off our NBA rumors with a clarification of what has been reported in recent days. According to Neubeck, the report that Ben Simmons isn’t speaking to anyone in the organization isn’t entirely true.

It’s half true as he has communicated with a few teammates and a team photographer as well. When it comes to Rivers, however, the relationship is reportedly ice cold.

“The relationship between Simmons and Doc Rivers, it's worth noting, suffered significant damage that some believe is irreparable, though the Sixers would tell you when pressed on this they believe things can be worked out and fences can be mended,” Neubeck wrote.

It wasn’t explained when the rift between player and coach occurred, but it is quite concerning given how Rivers had defended Simmons throughout the season for not shooting the rock often. NBA rumors continue to swirl about the team and until Simmons finds a new team, expect more to come.

NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics looking to move Kris Dunn in wake of Dennis Schroder signing

Kris Dunn #32 hits the floor hard.
Kris Dunn #32 hits the floor hard.

The signing of Dennis Schroder by the Boston Celtics has huge ramifications for the future of point guard Kris Dunn. Based on NBA rumors about the team, particularly from the Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach, Dunn may be on the way out because of too many guards on the Celtics roster.

“According to a league source, the Celtics could also look to trade Dunn to ease the backcourt logjam a bit,” Himmelsbach wrote. “If he stays, though, the possibility of an occasional Smart/Dunn pairing should make opposing offenses queasy.”

Aside from Dunn, the Celtics' backcourt is currently populated by 10 players including Schroder, Marcus Smart, Josh Richardson and Jaylen Brown. Brown can be moved to the small forward spot with ease if Jayson Tatum continues to play power forward, but that still leaves Boston with nine guards.

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As far as NBA rumors go, it looks like a given that one or more guards will be shipped out before the season begins. Dunn may be one of those on the way out.

NBA Rumors: A rival team isn’t high on Cade Cunningham

Cade Cunningham #2 and Jalen Green #0 wait for the start of their game.
Cade Cunningham #2 and Jalen Green #0 wait for the start of their game.

According to NBA rumors from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton on their insider piece, a certain team isn’t as bullish on Cade Cunningham as others.

“There's an interesting conversation I've had multiple times this week during summer league: A team employee I'm talking to mentions they're a little lower on No. 1 pick Cunningham than consensus, and I agree.

Interestingly, Peloton explains that this statement wasn’t made based on observation of Cunningham’s progress in Las Vegas, where he has averaged 16.0 points in two games. The basis, he says, is from an analytical observation. One has to wonder about his mention of multiple conversations of a similar nature, perhaps suggesting that there are other teams who view Cunningham similarly.

“Cunningham's statistical projections were not quite as effusive as the scouting perspective,” Peloton added.

Cunningham may not have been as impressive as some of the rookies from his draft class, but he has shown flashes of the potential that made him the consensus No. 1 pick of the 2021 NBA draft.

Let’s see how he fares in his next game, which is on Friday when the Detroit Pistons face the New York Knicks.

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