NBA Rumors Roundup: Utah Jazz '"unnerved" by head coach's departure, 2x All-Star intends to stay with Chicago Bulls for upcoming season, and more | June 6th, 2022

Utah Jazz #45 Donovan Mitchell calls out a play during the 2021-22 NBA season
Utah Jazz #45 Donovan Mitchell calls out a play during the 2021-22 NBA season
Siddhant Gupta

The Utah Jazz have found themselves dead in the middle of a majority of NBA rumors in the past 24 hours. Huge announcements have practically forced the franchise into complicated positions and the Jazz will have a lot to address very soon.

Utah were already in a complicated position considering the deteriorating state of their superstar duo. However, Quin Snyder's decision to step down has triggered a lot of responsive action from the Jazz.

Additional rumors also feature a former NBA player signing a huge deal to play overseas and an All-Star potentially re-signing with his team in the offseason.

With plenty of information to cover, let's get into the latest NBA rumors as of 6 June, 2022:

Donovan Mitchell "unnerved" by Snyder's departure

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell in action
Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell in action

A major rumor coming out of Utah after Quin Snyder's departure was Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell's reaction to the situation.

Snyder occupying the head coach role was a major reason for Mitchell signing his contract extension with Utah. The 25-year-old is reportedly unnerved by Snyder's decision.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Mitchell was "unsettled, unnerved and wondering what it means for the franchise's future." Wojnarowski also mentioned that the Jazz superstar was "surprised and disappointed" with Snyder's decision.

ESPN Sources: In aftermath of Quin Snyder’s departure as Utah Jazz coach, All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell is described as “unsettled, unnerved and wondering what it means for the franchise’s future.”

There were some positives, however, as Mitchell accepted the former head coach's reasons for departing the franchise. But the overall situation remains negative regardless.

Considering the degree of influence Snyder had in ensuring Mitchell stayed in Utah, the side may feel the ripple effects of the former coach's departure.

There will be several interested suitors for a player of Mitchell's quality and the Jazz may see their superstar demand a trade.

A Donovan Mitchell trade involving the Knicks and Jazz remains ‘highly unlikely,’ per @JakeLFischer People around the NBA believes a potential offer from Miami that would theoretically center around Tyler Herro and multiple first-round picks would trump New York’s best offer

Utah begins their search for a head coach

Terry Stotts looks on at the game
Terry Stotts looks on at the game

With a difficult situation at hand, the Utah Jazz will have to fill in some major personnel absences quickly during the offseason. There is still plenty of time to go before next season begins, but several names have already popped up as potential head coaches for Utah.

Given that the choice of head coach could have a direct impact on Utah's future with Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz revealed the initial list of candidates for the job. The list included Johnnie Bryant, Alex Jensen, Terry Stotts, Will Hardy and Adrian Griffin.

Initial candidates for the Utah Jazz head coaching job: Johnnie Bryant, Alex Jensen, Terry Stotts, Will Hardy, Adrian Griffin

Of the candidates mentioned, Stotts and Bryant are the only two with prior experience in the head coaching position in the NBA.

Stotts, a former Portland Trail Blazers coach, has become a recurring name for several teams, most recently being linked to the LA Lakers.

Jazz reject all trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell warms up before an NBA game
Donovan Mitchell warms up before an NBA game

Considering the recent buzz around Quin Snyder's departure, the rumors surrounding the Jazz' superstars being separated has garnered more traction. Unfortunately for other teams, Utah has explicitly rejected all trade offers for Donovan Mitchell in the upcoming offseason.

As reported by Tony Jones of The Athletic, the Utah Jazz have made their desire to retain their superstar abundantly clear. However, there seems to be some room to navigate these waters. Jones said:

"The only thing that could pry Mitchell from the Jazz at this point is a monstrous offer."
The Utah Jazz have rejected all trade calls regarding Donovan Mitchell, per @Tjonesonthenba “The only thing that could possibly pry Mitchell from the Jazz at this point is a monstrous offer.”

While this is suggestive of Utah's interest in retaining Mitchell, trading him for higher value isn't completely out of the question.

The situation itself is quite complicated considering the 25-year-old's concerns with the team's direction after Snyder's departure. His relationship with Rudy Gobert has also made headlines this season and the Jazz opting to retain Mitchell could be suggestive of a potential trade for the Frenchman.

The rumors seem to be constantly brewing in Utah and a lot more could come out of Salt Lake City in the near future.

Michael Beasley to join Shanghai Sharks

Michael Beasley (left) in action for the LA Lakers
Michael Beasley (left) in action for the LA Lakers

Following his most recent stint with the LA Lakers in 2018, Michael Beasley is eyeing his return to professional basketball. He has signed a seven-figure deal with the Shanghai Sharks and is set to play in the CBA in the upcoming season.

Michael Beasley will reportedly join the Shanghai Sharks (CBA). He opened up about his career, his life behind the scenes traveling three hours after Knicks games to see his mom battling cancer, disproving false narratives about him and more on @hoopshype.…

Beasley had a relatively successful NBA career, but his last two seasons with the Lakers and the New York Knicks didn't yield much success. Having fallen out of the league, the 33-year-old was seen putting his skills on display at the Las Vegas Summer League with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Beasley was close to making a comeback during the NBA Bubble as well. He trained with the Brooklyn Nets, but unfortunately missed his chance to play after contracting COVID-19.

Beasley has spent a lot of time since then in training and has expressed his desire to return to the NBA. However, he will kick off a new journey with the Shanghai Sharks next season.

Zach LaVine intends to stay with Bulls

Zach LaVine brings the ball up the court during the 2021-22 NBA season
Zach LaVine brings the ball up the court during the 2021-22 NBA season

Zach LaVine has featured on multiple NBA rumors as a free agent target for several teams. As one of the premier guards in the league, LaVine has attracted a lot of attention from other teams. However, as per Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Bulls star intends to stay in Chicago.

When discussing the matter on his podcast, the Hoop Collective, Windhorst said:

"I don't think Zach LaVine wants to leave. That's not my read."
Zach LaVine Doesn't Want To Leave Chicago…

The situation is a bit odd. LaVine wanted to test free agency in 2018, but because of his status as a restricted free agent, he ended up re-signing with the Chicago Bulls. That season, he went on to make the playoffs and even became an All-Star.

In the upcoming offseason, however, LaVine will be an unrestricted free agent. There is plenty of demand in the market for superstar caliber players and the 27-year-old may look to test the waters for his worth.

LaVine is expected to sign a contract worth over $29 million a year and it will be interesting to see which teams emerge as takers for the Bulls star.

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