NBA Trade Rumors: Denver Nuggets a sleeper team in talks for Ben Simmons 

Ben Simmons in action during an NBA game.
Ben Simmons in action during an NBA game.
Arhaan Raje

NBA trade rumors suggest the Denver Nuggets could be in on any potential Ben Simmons trade talks.

The Philadelphia 76ers have mentioned in the last few days that they want their All-Star point guard back. But according to Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, sources say that isn't the case.

They are trying to move Ben Simmons, and have had multiple conversations with other teams in this regard. Here's what Amico tweeted regarding this matter recently:

Sixers have had “multiple” conversations on Ben Simmons. Feeling around NBA is he will be moved within the next week. (Sixers will likely deny, “but they are trying,” source says.) Follow along on for more.

Amico also mentioned that the Denver Nuggets "will be a sleeper", in a follow-up tweet.

Some suspect the Nuggets will be a sleeper here.

The Denver Nuggets will be without Jamal Murray for large swathes of the new season. That could hamper their chances of competing with the top teams in the Western Conference during the regular season. So the Nuggets, who are looking to contend for the title, need to add another All-Star caliber player to their ranks.

It's unclear what the Nuggets would offer the Philadelphia 76ers, though. Jamal Murray seems untouchable in trade talks and is one player the Sixers will likely ask for in return. Meanwhile, Aaron Gordon has just signed an extension.

Michael Porter Jr. is anther player who could entice the Sixers. But the Nuggets will have to attach contracts worth $28 million along with Porter. if he is on the trade block, to match salaries. MPJ will earn $5.2 million next season, while Simmons is owed roughly $33 million.

A multi-team trade is likely the only way both parties could come to an agreement.

NBA Trade Rumors: Does Ben Simmons make the Denver Nuggets a better team?

Ben Simmons reacts after dunking the ball during an NBA game.
Ben Simmons reacts after dunking the ball during an NBA game.

The Denver Nuggets have a decent roster composition at the moment. So getting Ben Simmons could cost them quality role players or a star Jamal Murray.

Given the way Simmons struggled in offense during the postseason, he is unlikely to make the Nuggets a better team. That is especially considering what the Sixers will likely demand for him.

If the Denver Nuggets are able to keep Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. on their roster, adding Ben Simmons to the mix could make them better. However, the 76ers are looking for a James Harden-like package for their Australian guard.

So any package the Nuggets offer could need to include either Murray or MPJ to make a deal for Simmons go through.

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