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Sixers: Finally end all the talking in Philadelphia
2.10K   //    30 Mar 2014, 18:43 IST

Detroit Pistons  v Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers finally finished all the talking in Philadelphia last night. It’s finally over. They end with 26 straight losses, tied with Cleveland. They won against the Pistons with a score of 123 to 98. Thad Young and Michael Carter-Williams both had 21 points each. The Sixers scored 12 for 21 in 3-pointers last night, ending with 57.1% from beyond the arc. Hollis Thompson was four for four last night in 3-pointers. Thompson had a total playing time of 21:40; he’s my player to watch next season.

Everyone was ready to write off the Sixers completely – the fans, media and even Vegas gamblers. The only person that seemed to remain positive was the coach, Brett Brown. I can’t imagine the amount of stress he goes through daily. Here is what he said:

“We have a plan, and we are strong in executing our plan,” Brown said.

“I knew when I accepted the position that we would take hits. And because I’m the coach of the team, you own it. You’re responsible for your team and I accept that. … But I don’t waiver. I sleep just fine. I love coaching these guys. … I see a city that, if we get this right, I see a fantastic vision.”

I’m glad to see Brown’s leadership in the Sixers. Brown keeps fighting and rolling with the punches. The team has a lot of work to do next season. I hope to see Brett Brown as coach for a long time.