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Steph Curry is puzzled at being specifically mentioned in a Republican tax proposal

357   //    04 Nov 2017, 09:57 IST

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves
Stephen Curry

What's the story?

This past Thursday, the House Of Representatives introduced a 429-page bill in efforts to establish a new tax plan. Within that bill, Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry was specifically mentioned, and that puzzled the two-time league MVP.

In case you didn't know...

This isn't the first mention of a Golden State Warrior and politics. Sportskeeda recently reported on Steve Kerr's comments regarding the entire fiasco of the NBA Champions visiting the White House under President Trump.

The heart of the matter...

After Golden State's 112-92 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, a reporter asked Curry about being mentioned in the proposal, and he answered:

"It was weird, that's about it. There's a lot of people wondering why I was called out, whatever the case may be, but mama, I made it."

Take a look at the portion of the proposal that mentioned Steph below:.

"The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes specific safeguards to prevent tax avoidance and help ensure taxpayers of all income levels play by the rules under this new fairer, simpler tax system," the tax proposal stated. "Our legislation will ensure this much-needed tax relief goes to the local job creators it's designed to help by distinguishing between the individual wage income of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and the pass-through business income of Steve's Bike Shop."

Curry was jokingly worried at being mentioned in the new tax proposal to the point where he posted the following tweet potentially looking for a new job:

This past July, Curry did sign the first ever super-max deal to become the highest paid player in the NBA; which may have been the reason they mentioned Curry in the deal, but it is also common for members of the government to use famous names on their bills to help explain the impact of their proposals.


What's next?

The Golden State Warriors are back on track with a 6-3 record after a recent loss to the Pistons dropped them to 4-3 earlier in the week. They will travel to Denver to take on the Nuggets (4-4) on Saturday night.

Author's take...

At first glance you may think that Donald Trump had something to do with this considering the situation about the Warriors not wanting to visit the White House, then Trump taking back his invite. That would have been ridiculous, but at least that isn't the case. It was just a case of using a high-profile athlete as an example in their proposal.

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