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Stephen A Smith. says Steph Curry is more attractive to play with than LeBron James

335   //    05 Dec 2018, 04:55 IST

Steph Curry and LeBron James have faced off over the last four NBA Finals
Steph Curry and LeBron James have faced off over the last four NBA Finals

While discussing Kobe Bryant's recent comments that the Warriors team would soon decline, ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith, embarked on a passionate rant defending Stephen Curry as a player that the Warriors can build a future around. While discussing a Warriors future without Kevin Durant, and the Warriors ability to compete against LeBron James Lakers team, Stephen A Smith argued:

Steph Curry is the real deal, and because of that he is going to be an attractive commodity. I would make the argument that he is more attractive, the thought of playing with him is more attractive than the thought of playing with LeBron.

The ESPN analyst clearly feels as though the Warriors can attract a third piece if Kevin Durant leaves, and he went on to further state that the duo of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry is enough for the Warriors to remain relevant for a number of years to come.

Despite this, his comments about Steph Curry being a more attractive teammate than LeBron James are likely to be a source of debate for NBA fans. Both players are multiple Championship winners, although Curry is known for his laid-back nature, whereas LeBron is well known for his competitiveness and demanding nature.

While fans may disagree over who is the more attractive teammate, there should be no disagreeing on the fact that both Kobe Bryant and Stephen A Smith's comments have added fire to a rivalry that is likely to culminate in a playoff series in 2019.

You can watch Stephen A Smith's full appearance on 'First Take' below. Skip to around the four-minute mark for his comments on Steph Curry being a more attractive player than LeBron James.

Let us know below whether you believe that Steph Curry or LeBron James is a more attractive commodity to have on an NBA franchise. Also visit our dedicated basketball section for the latest news, rumors, and analysis.