Stephen Curry's innovative training methods: 5 things to know about his regimen

Modified 14 Jun 2016
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#2 Glass ankles a blessing in disguise

Rarely has anyone turned a weakness to such imposing strength

Adversity builds character, in cases where the oppressed chooses fight over flight. Curry faced his share of adversity in the form of his ankles which were unusually susceptible to sprains. 

In his very first NBA season, Curry suffered five ankle sprains and played just 26 games. Curry was understandably despondent about being shackled. Imagine preparing your entire life to make it to the NBA and when you get there your feet fail you.

"I feel like I've been doing nothing but rehabbing for two years," Curry said of the experience. "I feel like I'm never going to be able to play again."

Injuries have derailed many a promising career in the NBA. Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, half of the Trailblazers' franchise hopes, have all fell foul of various incidents which cut their careers short. Curry could have chosen to either give up or go through the mind numbing process of rehabbing extensively.

Before rehabbing came surgery. Undergoing surgery revealed bands of scar tissue, inflamed tissue, bone spurs and cartilage chips. That was a positive diagnosis since it meant that the excess could be shaved, scraped and vacuumed out in less time than it takes to complete a NBA game. 

Today the Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob credits Curry's battle with his ankles for helping shape him into the player he is. "The ankle thing made him work smarter, to counteract him ever being put in that position again," Lacob said. "If he hadn't had it, maybe he wouldn't have the same core strength." GM Bob Myers agrees, saying "It made Steph what he is now."

Published 14 Jun 2016
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