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Summer Antics of Kevin Durant

551   //    05 Oct 2018, 14:54 IST

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So Kevin Durant subtly threw shade at LeBron James during the offseason by saying it’s easier to shine around lesser talent.

Anyone who has decent knowledge about team sports would be able to confidently tell you how people/teams always perform better AGAINST less skilled/talented teams and THRIVE within a well-developed system & team structure.

So, to KD’s point, he is actually contradicting himself. For LeBron to average 34/12/10 and 34/9/10 in two consecutive finals, while being guarded by either KD (MVP & Finals MVP) or Green (DPOY) or Iguodala (Finals MVP) proves how LeBron still is the best while being marked by exceptional talent who operate under a well-oiled system in GSW.

Which brings me to KD. Durant is playing against the less talented team, which means his skills and talent are being magnified to some extent (despite being the amazing player that he is). He isn’t playing against the Warriors, who are the better team by far, but instead he is playing alongside them. We all know what happened in the WCF in 2016 when OKC blew a 3-1 lead against the Warriors themselves! What happened to ‘looking better while playing with lesser talent’ then?

I believe throwing shade at LeBron at this point proves how much of a weak personality he is as a player and person. A 73-9 win team (Warriors) had to add an MVP in order to taken down LeBron. That should not be forgotten. It wasn’t so long ago when he struggled every time he faced LBJ. Just because you joined the ‘tough group of boys at school doesn’t make you a tough guy'.

It really is a shame that he took the easy path to success, because I believe he could have done it in OKC too.

In my opinion, no matter how much he wins while at GSW, he’ll always be known as ‘the guy that joined a 73 win team with 3 all-stars to take down LBJ’. Unfortunately, this is the case in the eyes of many basketball fans.

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