Tamil Nadu - Where Basketball is more than a game

After visiting all states in India I found that Tamil Nadu is having more professionalism towards Basketball . Having more than 40 colleges/university tournaments in a year with all tournaments having a minimum cash prize of Rupees4,000 and it goes up to maximum 50,000 Rs or even more . I think this much cash is enough to run a club/team in a proper way and to support players financially . So, they can think of making basketball as their career . I am happy to see that at lest one state in India gives more respect to basketball than cricket . There are not only college and university level matches but there are even more school tournaments . So, that young children at grassroots level can also think more about the game . This state has got numbers of professional team's like :- I.O.B , Chennai Customs , Indian Bank and etc . The new professional team added is Transport having a new and young talents in it's team . Basketball has become a source of earning bread for Tamil nadu players and for other state players also . Some big players who shifted to Tamil nadu just to enter a professional league and to make basketball their are :- Robinson Nath - Got shifted to Tamil Nadu from Gujarat and joined I.O.B, Lokesh Jain - Got shifted to Tamil Nadu from Rajisthan and joined Indian Bank , Pratham - Got shifted to Tamil Nadu from Chattisgarh and joined I.O.B There are many Colleges and Universities in Tamil Nadu which have got a good professional basketball team . There are class players who can showcase good skills as professional Indian basketball players and teams who can even compete with state teams and professional teams . Satya Bama , Jaipper , Loyola Collage and Hindustan University . These colleges have got world class sports infrastructure and talented/skilled coaches . It seems that not only player and association supports this sport but politicians , singers and film stars also take there precious time and come to support events and to motivate the game . I wish all states learn some thing from Tamil Nadu and spread Basketball nation wide and make it more important than cricket in our country .[gallery link="file"]

Edited by Staff Editor