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3 Reasons why the 2018-19 Chicago Bulls are not fun after all 

Ranga Bhave

3) Boylen's coaching style

New Bulls coach Jim Boylen interacting with Justin Holiday and Zach LaVine
New Bulls coach Jim Boylen interacting with Justin Holiday and Zach LaVine

Jim Boylen, a first time NBA coach who spent time under Popovich in San Antonio - as we've heard from him repeatedly - seems to have a few things mixed up.

- This Bulls squad is not the Spurs. There's no Duncan, Ginobili or Parker here.

- He is not Popovich. Pop has five rings, an established reputation and ranks fourth all time with 1210 career wins. Boylen has one win and three losses to date.

- No hardass style of coaching can ever be implemented in 2018. The NBA is a players' league now.

- Robin Lopez is not David Robinson.

- Public insult is no way to push people, especially in 2018.

- No one and absolutely no one holds training sessions after back to back games.

Boylen seems to think he's coaching a high school team in some inspiring sports movie. His job this season shouldn't be winning. It should be about player development and getting Zion rights for next season. (In fairness, having a franchise-worst 56 point loss on home court isn't the best thing for his third game, either).

Boylen is tough, aggressive and exactly not what this squad needs. He called them out to the press and held a bunch of training camp style practices that involved marathon prep style running and military push-ups in a rigorous NBA schedule.


He benched his starting unit twice in the 56-point loss to the Celtics and damn near lost control of his locker room inside a week. The Athletic reported that Boylen nearly faced a full blown mutiny in his first week in charge.

There won't be many weeks in the future if he doesn't change his stance.

The Bulls sit at 6-22 with roughly 50 more games to play. If the trend gives us any direction, the boos recently heard in the United Center won't be the last ones heard in a while.

Strap in, Bulls nation. It'll be a long ride.

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