The case for and against Washington Wizards trading Bradley BealΒ 

Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal
Arhaan Raje

Speculation continues to swirl around Bradley Beal leaving the Washington Wizards after yet another early postseason exit for the team.

The Wizards made one of the most effective trades last off-season, acquiring former league MVP Russell Westbrook in a straight swap with John Wall. That saw them qualify for the playoffs despite their struggles early on in the regular season.

Beal, who will turn 28 this month, is in the prime of his career. Many reports have mentioned before that he could have lost his patience with the Washington Wizards' failures to surround him with a contending team.

Teams are keeping an eye on his evolving situation and will pounce on the opportunity to acquire him if the Washington Wizards change their stance on keeping the player. But would it be in the best interests of the Wizards to let their All-Star leave? Let's find out.

Why the Washington Wizards should look to trade Bradley Beal

The Washington Wizards did not have a comfortable route to the NBA playoffs this season. So it's tough to see them turn around their fortunes in the 2021-22 campaign as well.

If the Washington Wizards do make the playoffs next season without the struggles they had this season, would they have what it takes to make a deep postseason run? The chances are slim, as the likes of the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks appear to have better rosters than the Wizards. Not to forget the rise of the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks, and what the Boston Celtics could conjure next season.

Bradley Beal has a player option at the end of his current extension, which is set to kick in at the beginning of next season. If the Washington Wizards fail to make a deep postseason run next year, the odds of Beal leaving as a free agent could get bolstered. He has been with the Wizards since the beginning of his NBA career, but he has endured disappointing results throughout his stint there.

Even though Beal has said on many occasions that he would stick with the Washington Wizards, his patience could run thin, as a player of his caliber deserves greater success on the biggest stage.

The likes of James Harden, Anthony Davis, LeBron James and many more have switched teams in their primes because of a lack of collective success with their previous franchises. The Washington Wizards are far from being title challengers, so they should consider trading Bradley Beal to have the necessary rebuilding blocks for the future.

If Beal leaves for nothing, it would be a disaster for the Washington Wizards after their failed attempts for nine seasons in surrounding the player with the kind of personnel that would have made them a powerhouse in the East.

Why the Washington Wizards shouldn't trade Bradley Beal

The Washington Wizards, despite their early exit from the 2021 playoffs, have had a lot of positives to build from. For starters, the acquisition of Russell Westbrook and the fact that Bradley Beal and Beal struck a solid partnership this season should augur well for their hopes in the future.

Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal struck a brilliant partnership in the 2020-21 season.
Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal struck a brilliant partnership in the 2020-21 season.

The duo could be key in helping the team attract the best players in the market to help the Washington Wizards become more successful in the postseason.

Bradley Beal's talent and stature as a top-tier All-Star-caliber player is something the Washington Wizards should keep in mind if they are to consider a trade scenario surrounding him. He is one of the best scorers in the league. While defensive reinforcements remain the Wizards' priority, the modern-day NBA's reliance on offense makes keeping Beal very important for the team.

Bradley Beal's input is respected in the Washington Wizards organization, so if there is any player who knows the team inside out, it has to be him.

He mentioned after his team's first-round exit about how he intends to be a part of the team's recruitment for next season. That would be ideal for the franchise as they yearn for a deeper postseason run next season.

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