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The Under-Rated Warrior

702   //    18 Dec 2017, 18:22 IST

The 'Probable Big 3's' Have a look at these highlights:

For the power-packed superhuman team, the Golden State Warriors there lies an unsung hero that loses spotlight. Stephen Curry is the face of the franchise with added superpowers of Kevin Durant setting benchmarks that make us forget the less chanted, Klay Thompson.

Have an eye on his career highlights:

1) An NBA all-star for 3 consecutive years.

2) Olympic Gold Medalist.

3) An NBA record 37 points in one single quarter.

4) 60 points in 30 minutes.

5) Two-time NBA champion.

Statistics showing Klay is without doubts among the elite.
Statistics showing Klay is without doubts among the elite.

Observe these stats and decide if Zaza Pachulia deserves more fan votes for an All-star game starter or than Klay does. Splash brother discrepancy is way too unfair. The fandom is pretty convinced that Steph's wife Ayesha Curry enjoys a better stardom. For Klay, if he does not erupt, it seems as though people sometimes forget his importance to the Warriors.


Getting into technicalities; let alone his unparalleled offense, his defense is a whole new level. Take a look at his foot-work followed by superbly calculated blocks.

The wins that warriors claim is definitely the magnificence of Curry/KD duo along with the team but the 'BLOW-OUT' wins are possible only when Thompson and Draymond Green play their quality defense.

There is this one exotic skill that Klay is known for, his back-cuts that eventually lead to an open lay-up or spacing out a shooter on the outside. The average fan misses out on appreciating this but someone who has played competitive basketball knows a smart cut leads to an easy 2. The next time you see a Warriors game, watch his off-ball movement. This reflects his remarkable basketball IQ and court-vision

He is always up for a game. Ever heard him benched out of injuries or fatigue? He has started all the Warriors' games this season and is always fit and ready to hoop.

Have a look at such cuttings:

The Splash brothers are like Jordan & Pippen which indeed put GSW on the map leading to a Championship in 2015. I don't know if it is his modesty but he seems quite content staying in the background.

Klay is a gunner in this league next to Steph, who is in a pursuit of perfecting his catch-and-shoot game. He is a complete package of skill, stamina, talent and the Warriors don't intend to let him loose anytime soon.

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