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The Golden State Warriors have it all this season

1.25K   //    28 May 2015, 13:38 IST
The Golden State Warriors celebrate their win over the Houston Rockets in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals

The Warriors are living up to their name this season, with a nearly 82% win streak in the regular season. But can they go all the way? With the magic that comes from teamwork, long hours of practice and some sweet plays by Stephen Curry, this is the team that can make it happen in 2015. As a team, the Warriors have hit a team high of 46.4 percent of their field goal shots - higher than any other team this season- and there is hardly a sign, if any, that they will stop.

Challenge any team to play 82 games and drop only 15 games. It’s not going to happen. The next closest team: Atlanta with 60 wins and 22 losses, and where are they? Not in the tournament. With a stunning 39-2 games won at home this season, and 10 points per game average over their opponents, the Warriors aren’t going anywhere. 

Back to Stephen Curry for a minute. This guy has it all right now. The man has been a ball-slinging, assisting, traffic jamming maniac up the court for nearly all 48 minutes of play. He’s been faking shots to pass the ball to a teammate and nail an assist over and over. In short, he’s a 3-point machine and all-around team player. So far this season.

With 261 field goals made, Curry has made more 3’s than any player in the regular season, and is one of a few players for the Warriors who have made the NBA All-star team. Also, Curry has tied the Warriors team record for triple-doubles in a season- to say this man is talented is an understatement.

With a new coach and new Warrior philosophy in Steve Kerr- the NBA’s all-time career record for accuracy in 3-point shooting at just over 45%, the Warriors are planning on coming out to the NBA finals as a sharpened sword ready for a charge. Curry isn’t the only one who has been putting up 3-point shots for the team.

The Warriors have split their 110 point average between the whole roster. They’ve got 7 players who average at least 5 points per game, and the lions’ share of 92 of those 110 points per game- and if you look at the way they play the game, most of the time you can’t tell who is going to take the next shot and rack up points on the scoreboard anyway.

And that’s where we get back to the magic. The game of basketball is best won by teams that remain fluid, changeable, loaded with weapons and ready to keep each of them on the table.

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