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Top 20 mid-range shooters in NBA 2K13

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Modified 19 Dec 2019, 21:50 IST

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There are few shots more addictive in basketball than the mid-range jumper. A closer look than the three ball and a safer distance than a lay-up. The mid-range shot is also seen as the least efficient shot in basketball. There are many coaches who swear by an offense of strictly laps and three balls. But the fact remains that the mid-range game is very enabling when it comes to creating space for the offense. Just ask Jamal Crawford.

There are essentially three major categories of mid-range scorers. Those who get their shots off the dribble like Crawford, those who specialize in catch and shoot scoring like Richard Hamilton and those who prefer to use low post moves to get their shot off like Dirk Nowitzki. In the game there are various other ratings which compliment the core shooting skills. We have low post scoring, shot off dribble, etc. But the core skill of the mid-range jumper is the most important one.

Here’s a look at the top 20 mid range shooters in the league according to NBA 2K13:

Mid range

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Published 30 Apr 2013, 09:13 IST
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